digital marketing is both crucial and challenging for marketers


During the rise of the Internet, the worldwide web has taken the power from companies and turned it over to the consumer. Consumers are completely in control and are increasingly tech savvy with an access to an abundance of information and connections.

Due to this newfound access of information, consumers now expect more from brands and in order to stay competitive, these brands need to rise to meet the challenges faced with digital marketing with a new approach.

What is considered digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a marketing approach, that takes into consideration all electronic gadgets and devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets, cell phones, game consoles, social networking, and digital billboards to connect and engage with consumers.

Digital marketing is not Internet marketing, but Internet marketing is a component of digital marketing. It has become common practice for businesses to utilize both traditional marketing techniques with digital marketing by integrating the two.

Challenges Presented with Digital Marketing

Four basic challenges presented to marketers when it comes to digital marketing include:

  • Consumer Power:  This newfound power that the consumer now holds. Consumers are armed with knowledge, because remember that knowledge is and always will be power. The Internet now allows access to a wealth of information, solutions and answers to just about anything and everything with just a type of the keyboard or a push of the buttons on their smartphones.
  • The Internet is a Large Place:  With the many various marketing formats that marketers now have to cover, marketers sometimes have difficulty reaching their target audiences due to the fact that they have so much ground to cover.
  • Competition:  With the rise of more and more niche brands, marketers strive for recognition.
  • Budgets:  These days marketers are told to do what they can with less, which is not easy stretching a budget on the many various on-line marketing formats, but they do their best.

How to Overcome Those Challenges

Each challenge faced also has a solution or multiple solutions. When it comes to the power of the consumer, face that challenge by getting to know your consumers and through consumer engagement. And the Internet is a large place, but overcome that challenge by again, getting to know your consumers. Know and understand their media consumption habits.

Put your digital marketing focus and budget on the platforms that your consumers use the most. Then establish and track metrics for increased distribution optimization based on data results. To break through the clutter of competition, come up with something creative and catchy.

The budget challenge is what it is. You just have to do your best with what’s available and maybe try to grab some additional funding internally if you feel like you have a really great digital marketing idea that just needs a bit of a financial boost.

The Importance of Digital Marketing in the Future

One things for sure when it comes to digital marketing and that’s the fact that we’re not going to go back. We’ll only continue to move forward as technology continues to evolve. It’s important to learn to adapt and integrate technology and digital marketing into your entire marketing strategy to ensure success both now and in the future.

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