how to build a successful content strategy


If you’re a content marketer and a publisher, then you’re already aware of the importance for the creation of new relevant and valuable content from week-to-week. And in order to create this new content, you need a creative and well thought out content strategy. Every content marketer should have a finely-tuned content strategy before moving forward with their content creation.

7 Steps to Building a Successful Content Strategy

Step 1 – Set Goals:  Set clear goals for yourself based on strong ideas and consider breaking your goals up into simple smaller milestones. Goal setting should be the first step of any strategy in life. When setting your goals, focus on ideas for content related to your niche and keep it simple. Try to avoid putting focus on content unrelated to your sites niche.

You want to become an expert in your personal niche and stick with it by keeping any and all content related to your expertise. By focusing on other issues in your content unrelated to your expertise, your site may become unorganized and cause confusion for readers and visitors.

Step 2 – Know Your Audience:  To know your audience is to connect with your audience. When creating content, it is extremely important to always take your target audience into consideration. Once you’ve identified who your target audience is, then you’ll want to get to know that audience. Getting to know your audience will enable you to produce content that will appeal to your readers.

Step 3 – Formatting and Headlines:  When creating content, creating strong headlines is highly crucial because that headline is used for SEO purposes with the search engines and it’s also used to draw readers into your content. Choose a headline that is intriguing and will generate web traffic, and avoid headlines that are negative. Formatting is important for organization, as well as for visual appeal. Stick with the same font size and title formats regularly, as well as making sure to keep paragraphs small and digestible for your readers.

Step 4 – Multimedia:  Always try to include at least one picture in your content and maybe some video for visual appeal. It is a known fact that it is easier to grab the attention of a reader as they scan through your article if there are some visuals included, as well as quality content, of course.

Step 5 – Problem Solving:  Seek to solve the problems of your target audience within your niche. Ask yourself how you can make their life easier with your content. What is it that they need? What can you do to help them solve their problems related to your expertise?

Step 6 – Audience Engagement:  When coming up with a content strategy, audience engagement is an important element to take into consideration. You want to keep your readers engaged. To keep your readers engaged, you need to first know your audience as in Step 2. Keep your readers engaged by encouraging feedback, asking questions, asking for opinions, posting polls, etc.

Step 7 – Call to Action:  The call to action will encourage engagement and will also depend upon the purpose of your content. Is your content informative with the call to action asking for an opinion, feedback or giving advice? Is the call to action encouraging the reader to learn more? Etc.

Creating successful content is easy with a successful content strategy and if you follow these 7 simple steps, you’re bound for successful content creation and marketing.

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