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9891547_s-1With social networking on the rise for effective content marketing, Google+ is beginning to gain in popularity amongst its more popular social network platform peers such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, etc. In fact, Google+ now ranks in the number 5 spot within the top 5 most popular social networking platforms for effective content marketing.

According to statistics, 91% of users prefer LinkedIn, with 85% preferring Twitter, 81% preferring Facebook, 73% preferring YouTube and 55% preferring Google+. While that 55% may not seem significantly high, that number has made a remarkable jump from 39% to 55%, which is a big deal.

It seems that Google+ is gaining in popularity due to the belief that online firms who build their Google+ audiences via answers and questions, and video content hangouts, have a better chance at getting those higher ranks on Google promoted social sites. The one advantage that other social networking platforms have over Google+ is that they’ve been around longer.

But other than that Google seems to be picking up speed with amazing growth and many users along its way and will more than likely become one of the most popular social network platforms utilized by professionals for successful content marketing.

Google+ Perks and Downfalls

Google+ is easily integrated with other Google products such as Google Docs, Gmail, Google Reader, Chrome and YouTube. Google+ brings it all together into what seems to be one seamlessly large Google puzzle with Google+ as the final piece to the puzzle, tying and connecting everything together.

The problem is that Google continues to change and most marketers have difficulty with extreme change. But as the Internet continues to change and evolve so must Google. The good thing is that for those new to Google+ or for those who would like to see facts and statistics to back up their content marketing efforts, there are many ways to do this within Google.

How to Evaluate and Understand Your Content Marketing Efforts on Google

The key Google+ metrics to evaluating your content marketing efforts include:

  • +1s
  • Shares
  • Circle Rank
  • Engagement
  • Conversion Rates
  • Referral Traffic
  • Frequency of Posts and Content
  • Impressions
  • Number of Followers and the Growth of Followers

How do you measure all of these metrics of Google+? With your choice of many on-line tools available to Google+ users and typically at no-cost to the user. These tools will allow you to better understand your Google+ profile so that you can both examine and improve the performance of your profile.

Popular sites to check your Google+ stats include:

  • All My + Statistics:  The All My + Statistics site allows users to check their stats as well as their competitors Google+ stats. This is a free service offered to Google+ users and allows users to gain insight in which posts are the most popular posts, how many posts have been shared or +1s, see who’s sharing your content, and allows you to compare all of this with competitors.
  • Simply Measured Google+ Reports Page:  This is a free and easy to use report only offered to Google+ brand pages; not personal Google+ pages. With the Simply Measured Google+ Reports Page, you’ll view information regarding engagement rates, keyword analytics, top users and comments.
  • PlusClout:  The PlusClout product is an extension of Google+ which allows users to measure their influence on Google+ versus their competitors and are given a Clout score ranging from 0-100. This score is determined by many factors that include but are not limited to the number of shares earned and the number of followers that they have.
  • CircleCount:  CircleCount provides its users with a free report that helps users gain insight into what their rank is in their home country, what their overall Google rank is and what their circle rank is.
  • Recommended Users:  The Recommended Users tool is a tool that places all Google+ users into various categories and allows users to view where they rank within Google+ in their chosen industry profession.

Going with the Flow with Google

If you’re going to survive the changes of the Internet, then it’s time to adapt to these changes that continue to rollout. And as Google makes its own tweaks and evolves, the best way to roll with the punches is to learn the ins and outs of this new platform for effective content marketing and success with less confusion. There’s a lot to absorb and learn, but overall Google+’s future seems bright and big, so now is the time to learn and now is the time to adapt by including Google+ in your content marketing strategy.

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