define your brand as a selfless leader and not a self-promoter


There is a difference between marketing your brand and living your personal brand. There seems to be some confusion when it comes to personal brand development due to the popularity and dependence of social media for brand promotion. The true meaning of personal brand development has somehow lost its value. While social media is one of the best marketing outlets for brand promotion, developing your brand needs to go above and beyond social networking. Personal brand development is a never-ending process that starts with living your personal truths and living your brand.

When developing your personal brand, you want to be true to your company and true to yourself, maintaining consistency with your brand’s vision. You also want to carefully protect and manage your brand, especially when it comes to social media. Personal brand development is not just listing and focusing on accomplishments, personal brand development is a full-time commitment and journey towards serving others. This journey and commitment will define you as a leader.

You want to showcase the value that you bring to the table, but doing so has nothing to do with your brands accomplishments and achievements. This value comes from how your brand represents itself to the public by being a voice in the world and a role model. This is why companies should be careful in how they represent themselves when opening social media accounts. When showcasing their achievements repetitively, they run the risk of becoming old news. It’s important to be extremely mindful of how you represent your brand via social media as to not come across as a self-promoter.

Selfless Self-Promotion Tips

Avoid self-promotion with these five selfless self-promotion tips:

  • Be a Voice:  Have the confidence to speak up about relevant opinions and matters, while avoiding the comparison of your brand with other brands in your industry. Keep your voice fresh and unique – be heard. Promote your brand the right way – in non-spammy ways.
  • Bring Variety to the Table:  Mix up the content that you provide to people. People like variety. They enjoy your brands promotions, but they also enjoy motivational quotes, cool viral videos, and interesting content and topics from other people and brands. In sharing the content of other brands, this shows confidence in your own brand and keeps things interesting and fresh.
  • Commenting:  Leaving relevant comments that actually contribute to a conversation in a non-spammy manner is a great way to gain exposure and establish your brand. You’re linking to your brand without actually leaving a link. This tactic adds value to your brand.
  • Less is More:  Only creating a few social media accounts that you’ll actually have the time to commit to is a smart in the long-run. It’s better to have a few that you’re able to regularly keep fresh and updated, than a bunch of accounts with stale information. You also run the risk of getting spammed yourself when you don’t have time to maintain a social media account.
  • Say No to Repeating Yourself:  Constantly repeating yourself about past accomplishments is a no-no. However, no one’s saying to completely avoid mentioning past accomplishments and achievements, but just that you should keep things like that listed on your company’s website or blog. Keep your social media accounts full of fresh relevant news.

The main key to take away from this article is to always remain true to your brand and to yourself, and  be a selfless leader — not a self-promoter. It’s sort of like the old saying that “it’s better to give than to receive.”

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