is follow friday becoming a thing of the past?


You know the old saying…be a leader, not a follower. It seems that in the past two years many people – not all, but many – have either never found Follow Friday to be useful to them or those that have used it have now chosen to simply opt out due to the fact that they no longer find it to be useful. One things for sure, the hash tags #FollowFriday and #FF, which were once popular during Twitters beginning days, are almost obsolete now.

What is Follow Friday?

Follow Friday is a Twitter custom where every Friday many Twitter users take to Twitter and tweet the hash tags #FollowFriday or #FF with a list of people that they recommend their followers to follow. The goal of Follow Friday is to follow more people and to get more followers. But the problem is that it’s sort of like the blind leading the blind and it’s sort of similar to Team Follow Back; there is no reason given as to why you should follow these names on this list. With spam on the rise, people just dont’ have the time to look through these lists to weed out the spam.

Useful Recommendations or Spam

While there are many people who will follow anyone to get more followers, there are some that choose to be more careful as to avoid spam and things like that. Some people want to know more information about the people that they follow. And if a recommendation is made, they want to know why they should follow them. They want more details, so they don’t end up following spam or someone whose tweets will become annoying later.

Things that many Twitter users take into consideration:

  • Who is this person that I’m being recommended to follow?
  • What do they tweet about?
  • What is their business or are their tweets personal?
  • Are they real or is this a spam bot?
  • What is the personality of this person I should follow? Will I agree with their tweets or will they annoy me?

Follow Friday or No Follow Friday

It seems that Follow Friday was actually more for fun when it first started; back before it became more about marketing. Your list of followers not only grew, but people were more real and would get it on more conversations instead of just trying to build more followers for the sake of having a long list of followers. These are the reasons that many people have thrown in the towel on Follow Friday.

However, many folks still participate with good intentions. To participate in Follow Friday is up to each individual Twitter user. If you decide to participate, just be careful who you add as to avoid spam, or maybe include some details and context to help other Twitter users understand why they should add these people in your list.

Consider making just one recommendation for Follow Friday with detailed reasons and maybe even include a link to a short blog post about why people should follow this new recommendation. Keep things real and human, and avoid robotic spam stuff. Many people avoid lists of 3-5 Twitter handles and simply bypass those lists altogether, viewing them as spam. You might gain more recognition by keeping it short and with detail. The bottom line is that Follow Friday is not gone for good; it’s just not what it used to be.

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6 thoughts on “is follow friday becoming a thing of the past?

  1. I think there are a few ways to look at this. Follow Friday started at a time when many were new to Twitter and discovery of new users was a bit harder than it is now. When it started, most people would use the whole tweet to tell you WHY you should follow said person, not just string together a bunch of random Twitter handles like many have been doing in the last months. I seem to remember #FF really taking off when Twitter changed the conversation rules and you could no longer see tweets that started with a @mention. That used to be how I discovered new users, by ‘listening’ in to their conversations and seeing who they were tweeting with on a daily basis, but when Twitter removed that from your feed, it took some extra steps to see who was conversing with whom, making #FF a great way to tell your followers other people they might be interested in following.

    With people retweeting others more and more, I find that to be a more useful recommendation or endorsement than a #FF tweet.

    Also, with the invention of the @MagicRecs Twitter account and the influx of Twitter emails letting you know about similar and related users, #FF just isn’t as meaningful as it once was when it started.

    • So true Monika, it once was fun and engaging but what I see now is a tweet that looks like this; #ff followed by about 5-6 twitter handles and possibly followed by “engaging” or “worth the follow.” And on top of that, the same time the next Friday I see the exact same tweet! And, that’s from some who claim they understand the tactic and are of influence. For me, I have connected with a few awesome folks but for the most part see very little value. On the other hand, if I have a relationship with you and you send me an intro tweet with a suggested follow, then that is of great value.

      Thanks for the read and adding to the conversation…rcb

  2. Thoughtful post as always Randy. I hope you are wrong but fear you are right. I still tweet out an occasional #FF with short description and a few handles, but I’m seeing less and less use of this (and of #MarketerMonday as well). Few of those included even bother to say “thank you” any more. It’s another small bit of civility lost to an increasingly impatient culture.

    • Very true Tom, seems the luster has worn away. I like the uniques or one on one types with a genuine endorsement. Just seems to be repetitive equal exchanges…thanks for adding to the conversation.

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