engage customers by leveraging social media


When engaging customers, it’s just as important to reach causal customers who are not passionate about your brand as it is to engage with your loyal customers. This engagement will offer your company a different perspective in comparison to your loyal customers. Engaging with your casual customers allows you to validate feedback from your loyal customers and it also helps to identify various ideas and ways to turn those casual customers into loyal customers as well.

The Power of a Digital Marketing Strategy

We are now living in a digital age and It is estimated that an astounding 2.4 billion Internet users regularly connect to an even more astounding 8.7 billion number of devices to connect to the Internet. This digitally fragmented world is not only empowering to customers and consumers everywhere, but it’s also empowering to companies around the world as well.

The Internet, particularly when it comes to social media, offers a powerful tool to reach loyal customers, casual customers and potential customers alike. With so many active and popular social media networks at large, the world is literally yours for the taking.

The Marketing Approach

You want to be very careful in your approach to your loyal customers, casual customers and potential customers. Your social media decisions can both make or break your company. Today’s consumers are not only highly Internet savvy, but they’re also highly skeptical as well. And are more often than not, extremely careful when making purchase decisions or when considering a future purchase decision.

The traditional linear marketing approach often times results in the disengagement of customers and completely undermines your brands overall credibility. Traditional marketing is like forcing your brand on consumers by chasing them down and that’s not what you want. It’s also not what your customers or potential customers want.

The consumer-centric approach allows marketers to take a more responsive approach in their marketing efforts to both reach and engage with customers. Taking this approach type enables marketers align marketing efforts with the key points that ultimately affect and influence consumer purchase behavior as well as with brand advocacy.

While taking a consumer-centric approach, your brand will also want to take the responsive digital design approach as well, ensuring that your digital messages are easily reached on multiple platforms and mediums such as desktop, mobile or tablet devices.

Leveraging Social Media

When it’s time for consumers to make a buying decision, they typically turn to the world-wide web for both company and product information. And 9 times out of 10, they’re also looking for reviews from real people like them. Consumers are looking for companies to be open, honest and engaging when making these decisions.

Through careful research of consumer online habits, you can then begin to engage them through many or all of the popular social networks, through podcasts and video, and through blogging. Using social media to engage with your customers amplifies your brands messages and promotes customer trust. And according to recent surveys, customers are more likely to trust a brand that connects with them through social media.

When leveraging social media to engage with your customers, customers are more likely to use social information shared by your brand, as well as other customers of your brand when making purchasing decisions. The bottom line is that consumers just pay more attention to brands that connect with them through social media, and this is where it’s at for marketers right now.

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