“a conversation” with Sean McGinnis


The series marketer2marketer, “a conversation” is a platform for engaging today’s top thought leaders in the world of business, including marketing, branding, social media, public relations, advertising and writing in the digital space. A dialogue of current topics, new technology, new tactics, new ideas and new books.

The show, “a conversation” is a one-on-one/two format conducted on the live Google+ Hangout and YouTube platforms. Episodes air the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm EST. After the on-air show replays are viewable on our YouTube channel.

Our guest this week was Sean McGinnis who has been working in digital marketing since 1999 and has experience in search engine optimization, content marketing, pay per click and a variety of other digital disciplines.

He has served as the general manager for an online learning business in the legal field, led a team of search experts, and currently leads marketing for Sears PartsDirect.

Sean frequently writes, speaks, and teaches classes on a variety of digital marketing disciplines including SEO, content strategy, social media, and more. And, he recently joined the faculty of Elmhurst College as an adjunct professor, where he will be teaching a social media class to MBA students.

Thank you Sean for joining “a conversation” and sharing your enlightening and entertaining insight.

Please tune-in to the next marketer2marketer “a conversation” on November 12th, for a discussion with Kathi Kruse | Kruse Control...

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6 thoughts on ““a conversation” with Sean McGinnis

  1. Technical SEO is a must – and the way search is changing … the new requirement. The related SEO that spread into the sales funnel(s), website flow, and content.

    Randy – the part of the conversation that you talk about not all paths make sense for all businesses (or customers).

    Sean – love how you talk about clear paths that are relevant and realistic paired with technical requirement must balance pretty, function, and performance.

    Great conversation!

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