the content strategy and content marketing “connection”


Content strategy and content marketing are two entirely different practices that are often carelessly and accidentally used interchangeably. However, with that said, there are some similarities which is why they’re easily mixed up at times.

And often times, many agencies find themselves hiring highly-skilled content marketers to handle content strategy and vice versa. This is a problematic situation for not only the marketing organization, but for the professionals hired to fill these positions as well, due to the fact that they’re highly-trained in a skill set best suited for the opposite practice.

Differences Between the Two

What is a content strategy

Content strategy (the goods brought to the marketing table) technically speaking, has to take place for an effective content marketing (delivery of the finished product – the goods) strategy. Content strategy is the strategic planning and development of the content that you’ll later market through “content marketing.” Content marketing is actually a content strategy. Content strategy also takes into consideration the governance of content throughout the development process.

The content strategy is the complete management of — and definition of — the entire content development process all together as a whole. Practitioners of content strategy are often referred to as a content strategist and the views that these strategists bring to the content table depends upon their professional education and specialized training.

Content Strategy Specialties Include:

  • Content Analysis
  • Web editorial strategies
  • Guidelines
  • Tools

Content analysis is the process of working with and analyzing content aspects such as metadata, search engine optimization and taxonomy in order to find out how these aspects benefit and support content. Guidelines, tools and web editorial strategies are performed for multimedia and microblogging purposes — presence management.

Another stream of content strategy involves simply writing new website content for website pages and existing pages as well. All content strategists are highly-trained and familiar with the various tools and applications required in the management of these various content strategies.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the delivery system of the final product once the content has been created. Content marketing is a marketing technique for the distribution of high-quality, fresh and relevant content with the intent of increasing unique organic website visitors, increasing customer base and driving sales with this increase in the businesses customer base.

Content marketing also involves the creation of content and is presented in a wide-variety of formats such as e-books, white papers, news, video, case studies, how-to-guides, photos, question and answer articles, blog posts, Web site pages, etc.

Content marketing is not driven by sales during the acquisition of new customers, but instead content marketing focuses on connecting and communicating with potential prospects and existing customers. The goal is to consistently deliver highly-valuable information (content) to prospects and customers in order to both create customer loyalty and to inspire future business.

How to Tell Content Marketing and Content Strategy Apart

Content marketing is centered on the creation and distribution of attractive, valuable and engaging content in order to acquire new customers and create loyalty with existing customers. Content marketing’s direct objective is to create profitable action from customers, increasing sales through loyalty and trust.

Content strategy dives even deeper yet than the content marketing strategy does and is the entire management of an organization’s content. Content marketing is considered to be a “strategy” and a part of content strategy.

The two ultimately go hand-in-hand and each plays a significant role in the creation of content, but they are two entirely different processes and should be respected and valued as such.

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