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You might find yourself feeling frustrated if you’re a content marketer and your boss just isn’t “getting” the importance and value of content marketing. Maybe you’re even feeling like it’s a lost cause, but don’t throw in the towel just yet.

There’s still a way to get the top guys in your company — the CEO’s and decision makers — to see the big picture when it comes to the many benefits of a good content marketing strategy.

Many of these decision makers are still stuck in a more old-school marketing style strategy but don’t give up any time soon, there’s still a few tricks up your sleeve you can pull.  Because by now, content marketing should really already be a part of every firm’s marketing strategies.

6 Content Marketing Buy-In Strategies

Easily convince the big decision makers in your company to change their marketing method of approach to a more content based strategy by trying some of these ideas and tricks. If you follow these tricks, you’re guaranteed to gain some leverage with convincing your boss to give your content marketing strategy a go.

1) Four Levers of Change: Focus on four of the levers of change when presenting your content marketing plan: communication, sponsorship, coaching, and resistance management. Communicate your content marketing plan, coach your decision makers through your content marketing strategy, implementing these tips is part of your resistance management plan, and then finally, sponsorship is important if you can get through to at least one decision maker who can then bring other leaders on board with the concept of following through with content marketing.

2) Set Up a Pilot Plan: Like many of your favorite television shows were once pilot test versions on TV in order to gain viewer feedback to help powerful executives decide whether or not to proceed with future episodes, you too can create a sort of pilot version of your content marketing plan. Your boss may find this to be appealing, due to the setting of dates. Set a length of time for your pilot and when your plan of action succeeds, your boss will see the benefits reaped by content marketing and will more than likely want to proceed further with content marketing.

3) Know What Makes Your Boss Tick: Get inside of your boss’s head when it comes to the business. Your boss doesn’t understand content marketing, but he or she does understand the many benefits that come along with it. So focus on the benefits when presenting a strategy to your boss. Increased visibility and exposure, the nurturing of the company’s brand and reputation, sharing the company’s voice and of course, more customer interaction, along with so many more benefits. You’re the strategist, and you know what makes your boss tick, so focus on those things.

4) Identify Obstacles: As with any marketing strategy, you’ll want to identify any potential obstacles and then come up with a plan of action to help you overcome those obstacles.

5) Set Realistic and Achievable Goals: Set goals for your content marketing plan that are both realistic and easily achievable. Then once you achieve those goals, measure their levels of success to present to the head honcho of your company – your boss.

6) Put your Plan on Paper: Create a detailed plan of action down on paper.

Put Your Buy-in Plan into Action

Last but not least, go for it and go for it with confidence. Once you get your boss to bite, you can then quickly work on that realistic and achievable plan of action you have already set for yourself on paper.  Once you implement your plan of action that you’ve guaranteed yourself success with, this will then enable you to once and for all show your boss just how big the picture really is when it comes to the many benefits of a good content marketing strategy. Proving that content marketing actually works, along with providing many added benefits to a company should finally bring all decision makers on board to buy-in to content marketing.

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