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So what exactly are social TV and the second screen

The second screen and social TV is the latest trend combining both social networking and television. It is basically the concept for person’s that utilize technology in order to communicate and socialize either by watching TV or socializing about TV relative content. The second screen is now turning a once solitary experience into a group activity.

Social TV also includes the study for research purposes of TV related social behavior, devices and networks. Due to the popularity of the second screen and social TV, TV operators and content producers are active in research and development, and are looking for new sources of revenue with the possible future creation of social television systems. Can you imagine? Connecting with people virtually in real-time while watching TV is both exciting and fascinating to say the least.

The Second Screen Brings Families Together

Living in a digital and technological age, this new concept of social networking technology is now bringing people together that are separated by time or distance and enabling them to get social about what they’re watching. Maybe your son or daughter went off to college in another state, but with your smartphone you can easily reconnect and watch your favorite family TV program together that you used to watch together all the time before they went off to college. Or maybe you live alone and it’s just fun and exciting to connect with people virtually while watching your favorite shows, live events, games or movies.

According to the a March 11th Associated Press video report, today, 4 out of 10 U.S. TV viewers actively check into their social media outlets while watching their favorite shows or during commercial breaks. With that said, many entities have figured out ways to make money with social TV. The focus now remains on getting more out of advertisements, leaving social TV pretty much a cost-free experience for viewers; not counting, of course, what they already spend on cable or satellite costs.

The social network accounting for the most public comments regarding real-time broadcasts would be the social network powerhouse Twitter, which accounts for 95% of these comments. Apparently, it was announced in December of 2012 that Twitter will be partnering with the TV ratings giant Nielsen and SocialGuide. Nielsen is actively seeking the creation of a social TV rating service via SocialGuide that should be debuting sometime this fall.

Mobile Apps and Corporate America

Corporate America is latching onto social TV as another method to get their brands in front of consumers worldwide. During popular live events, many companies see social media buzz revolving around their brands or advertisements. In the marketing and advertising world, more attention to brands and products through successful advertising ultimately leads to more sales.

Many networks are creating social TV apps for mobile device users, enabling viewers to watch their favorite TV programs via their smartphones, tablets or laptops. Many of these apps are free to download and also offer free streaming of full episodes. And now mobile developers are attempting to build standalone apps with the hope of either being used by the viewing public alongside of Twitter and Facebook, or completely replacing them all together. Now that should be interesting…

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