improve your brand recall value with social media

15472676_sSocial media has been used for business for almost a decade now. The benefits however, have been questioned continuously. Many naive business people complain that they do not get any traffic or leads directly from social media and hence the effort is waste. Nothing can be farther from truth. The reality is that people do not take their buying decisions instantly. They take their time to research and evaluate their choices before they reach any conclusion.

How Powerful is Brand Recall

There are several factors that influence their choice. One such important factor is brand recall value. If you see a cola advertisement on every bill board you pass, guess what you are going to order next time? The same cola drink because it sounds more familiar. Every psychology student knows this nature of the mind. What you see too often, what you see everywhere is what you recall. One may not realize but this influence is very powerful.

Then What is Social Media for

It has been proven that social media does not perform well when it comes to numbers and conversion rates. That is not what social media is for. Through social media, you build trust, provide better availability and a convenient medium for customers to communicate with you. You can receive feedback, answer queries and offer support through social media. In addition to this, you create an awareness about your brand and stay in the minds of your customers and potential buyers all the time.

Social media sites are platforms for friends and are not ideal places to make purchases. These are places from where users take information and advice from trusted friends or expert strangers. Can you be either of them?

Sure you can. Many brands have created themselves a great reputation online by helping users by giving them genuine advice and right information.

Tread Subtly Yet Strongly

Do not try to add links and applications to ‘trick’ users to land on your website or buy from you every time they try to interact with you. This would only turn them off. You job is to lead them subtly to the purchase process, if at all. A buyer may have come through your affiliate website, but since he came by searching for your brand name, your social media presence does get some credit.

It is very much possible to create a good reputation for your brand by using the social media platforms. Once you know what your USPs are, you can share the concepts with your followers, preferably in a fun tone. This keeps them engaged and entertained while also putting the point across. They may not notice but the message will reach their subconscious mind and later affect their buying decision.

Taking the Client in Confidence

If you are a social media marketer working for a client, make sure you make him realize the potential of social media. Make him aware of what social media can and cannot do. It is important for the client to understand and have faith in the channel even though it is not possible to show tangible results in a short period of time. Brand awareness, recall value and online reputation are important factors that influence the minds of current as well as potential buyers, but there are very few reliable tools that can successfully track the performance of a social media marketing campaign.

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