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Social media is a brilliant mix of new and old. It takes modern technology and adds the power of human interaction. Interaction is a crucial element of successful promotion for businesses through social media. It’s the one aspect the most successful businesses on social media share through all the platforms. Interacting with customers benefits the business’s bottom-line and the interaction is usually a minor change in how a business promotes through the social media. The results, however, are amazing.

Engage Customers

Social media should keep the reader’s interest and seem like the customers interacting with a person rather than a machine. Readers of the social media contents want to be part of the conversation instead being blasted with sales pitches. When a business interacts with a customer, it peaks the customers interest and shows the business cares about the customer. Poor importantly, other customers experience the interaction and feel the same way. Engaging customers with interaction is just one of the benefits of interacting through social media.

Build Relationships

Relationships between a business and customers started with the little mom and pop stores that populated much of the country for decades. Even though customers want all the benefits of a big store, customers still want to feel like they shop in Mom and Pop stores. These social media built relationships makes customers more comfortable in the store, with the products and less likely to buy elsewhere. The back and forth aspect of communication is not exempt from social media. It’s one of the most important parts of building a relationship. The communication builds relationship between the customer and the business.

Establish Creditability

Communicating with your customers on social media establishes a business’s creditability with the people, who a business need to impress most. The creditability comes in many forms. It may be in spontaneous testimonials from customers or from the information imparted in posts. The knowledge you give your customers allows them to make educated decisions that make their choice of your business that much more special. In addition, the knowledge you give them in the interaction on social media boasts their opinion of your business and increases the likely hood of them choosing your business for all their needs.

Putting Interaction Into Social Media

Your customers want more than a funny picture with a catchy caption. To take advantage of all the business building aspects of social media, like the ones mentioned above, businesses need to interact with their customers over social media. Moreover, customers expect it. It’s like talking to the highest levels of the business. It’s a place where they can communicate with someone at the business, who will listen to their complaints and do something about it. Businesses can take advantage of this and increase the interaction with the customer by doing all of the following things:

  • Respond to customer questions
  • Respond to customer problems and complaints
  • Post enlightening links, images, and text.
  • Ask questions.
  • Thank customers for their comments and compliments
  • Communicate sales and other business events that customers might like to know
  • Don’t appear like a machine.

Making your social media posts like a call-to-interaction rather a call-to-action makes social media promotion even stronger. The social part of social media can’t be ignored without effecting a business’s success at social media promotion. Which of your social media post generated the most responses from consumers?

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