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With the onset of smart phones and the ability to access the Internet from anywhere in the world from a handheld device, contenting marketing has changed. More and more content marketers want to expand into the fresh, new world of mobile content marketing. Marketing for mobile viewers is not the same thing as creating content for a larger screen. That said, the process of creating content for mobile is similar to making content for the web.  If you have successfully engaged readers in other forms of content marketing, you’re ready to transition to the next phase of content marketing.

Make the decision.

If you’re on this page, then you are at least thinking about creating a mobile content marketing plan. Well, make the decision. Mobile content marketing isn’t too far out of the realm of your current work that fear of failure should be holding you back. Get on the mobile bandwagon. Made your decision? That’s great.

Change The Way You Think About Content Creation

The next step in creating a content plan that will engage readers is to change how you view the content creation process. Mobile isn’t taking content made for the big screen and snipping away until it works on small one. It’s the reverse. You make content for the small screen and then, add content for the big one. This reverse process turns the hard choice of what to take way into an easier one of what needs to be added.

Put it into perspective

How your content looks on the different types of smart phones varies. You can’t choose the smallest text setting to fit more content on the page. Your readers can’t read it without fiddling with settings on their phone and that will decrease the chances that they read it.

Understand what you can get out it

Readers are only going to do what they can easily manage on their handheld device. So expect readers to share, like, tweet, take pictures, look at pictures, read short-form content and watch videos. Mobile is about building your brand and spreading the word. It’s less likely that you’ll be able to get your readers to buy something directly from their phones.

Put yourself in the mind of mobile phone reader

Ask yourself what does your target customer want from interacting with your content. Knowledge? An understanding of your brand? Although, this may not vary heavily from the current content marketing plan, it should vary slightly.

Use your current content plan

That’s right. You don’t need to change much about the basics of your current plan. You’ve already learned out to engage your readers on the big screen and since your audience isn’t changing, you can keep the same plan. The key is to change how you create and design the content.

Test out your content

Get a smartphone if you don’t already own one.  Look at how your content is displayed on the phone. Does it fit? Can you read it? Does it meet your content objectives? If your content looks great and meets the needs of your customers, then you’re set. If not go back and tweak it.

Creating a content marketing plan for mobile is not that different from creating a content marketing plan for the web. The main thing you need to consider is how it’s presented on the mobile device. That means creating the content for mobile and then expanding it for the web. What is your favorite brand that uses content marketing for mobile?

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