email marketing techniques that work for today

10683612_sEmail marketing has slipped out of style, but with the onset of content marketing a viable strategy has returned as powerful marketing strategy. Plus, it’s easy enough for any business to execute successfully. Email marketing retains customers by putting your business’s name in front of current customers and gets you needed customers when those customers share the email with friends. Email marketing can actually make a business profitable when you use the right techniques.

Skip The Sales

Skipping the selling aspect of email marketing will actually get you more responses and sales. Customers don’t automatically delete the email, because it’s not a sales pitch. What should you put in it instead of sales pitch? Teach your customers about your products or your business. Let them know that this plant does really well in this climate instead of putting saying that plant is for sale in your garden center. Education is key to encouraging your customers to buy instead of the sale pitch. It’s alright to use email marketing as a way to announce new products or business events.

Target Your Market

The next step in a successful email is the recipient. Instead of the old method of sending out a thousand emails to random people, take the time to narrow down the field to your customers and select others that may have an interest in your business.Taking the time to target your recipients will help to get a better return on the investment and a higher sales rate for the campaign.

Keep It Simple

When it comes to modern email marketing, keeping it simple is the most efficient and effective quality of marketing via email. Consumers don’t want to spend an ungodly amount of time trying to open the email. Heavy flash or graphics can cause that to happen easily. Not all computers will be up to date with the latest and great software, so using flash or graphics could keep some on from actually being able to read the message. Keeping it simple is the best way to increase the emails chance of being read.

Low Number of Images

That said, you don’t have to eliminate the use of all images, just add one or two. They shouldn’t be average photos with neither a low-resolution or HD.

Add Links

Links are your most important asset in email marketing. They bring the customer to places you want them to see. For example, if you sent an email about that plant, which was perfect for the region most of your customers live, you might have included a  link to the plant’s product description and where they could buy it on your website.

Email marketing is an important part of any business. It keeps the business’s name in front of its hardcore customers and can also lead to new ones if the email is shared. Email marketing can become your marketing workhouse, because it can do both parts–get new customers and retain old ones–of a good marketing strategy. Have you tried email marketing lately? What was the results of your last email campaign?

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3 thoughts on “email marketing techniques that work for today

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  2. I think you’re totally right about segmenting your audience to send out targeted, relevant email campaigns. This is the way to do things for sure.
    In terms of images or interactive content, have you tried including video in your email content? It increases click through rates and, even though you can’t ensure every mail client will be able to play an embedded video, you can always include a thumbnail image that links to a video.
    It’s a good way to include visual content and get your message across :)

    • Thanks for the read and input Jennifer. I have not tried video yet, but do have it on my next-to-do list with our new video series marketer2marketer. I agree, the click through rate should increase. Thank you for adding to the conversation, rcb

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