keep the big picture in mind for increased roi

20857957_sMarketing is undoubtedly a vast activity that comprises of multiple domains like affiliate marketing, online marketing, display advertising, market research, targeting etc. With time, every marketer develops expertise in one of these domains. But from a customer’s perspective, it is one company, one brand name. The number one skill that a marketer needs is to look at everything from the customer’s perspective as well.

What Does the Big Picture Mean?

It is important that every team within the marketing department sets and achieves its team specific targets. It is also important that the overall marketing goals are accomplished. Many times, it so happens that every team achieves it goals but since they are not in sync, the overall impact of these individual marketing efforts is not much.

Most big companies today use multiple channels to market their products. It is wise to focus on some key points and use them in every aspect of marketing. For example, if you are highlighting how your brand is environment friendly in display advertising, make sure your Facebook page is also focusing on the same.  If the Facebook page is talking about how stylish your product is, users know that the company has multiple faces. You can lose your credibility quickly by doing this. Whenever you plan a campaign, make sure people from every team are involved and the themes are communicated to all of them.

Why is it Important Today?

It is true that these days, tools are available to measure marketing performances precisely. Management bases their decisions on the results found through analytics that clearly show which channel contributed the most to the ROI of the company and next budget is planned accordingly. In spite of following the guidelines and working day and night to reach the targets, marketing professionals often find themselves under stress. Their efforts as well as the results they get are often discarded. The reason is simple. The numbers look great but the management wants something more tangible.

Why Should the Channels be in Alignment?

The solution to this problem is breaking the boundaries and keeping the customer’s journey in mind. It is extremely important that all the marketing channels are closely aligned. This is because they influence each other. The target audience for each of the channels is not mutually exclusive. Some would be common and they should be the ones most loyal to the brand rather than being confused. All the modes of marketing shall send the same message across for maximum impact on the users.

A customer may watch display advertising and then use the affiliate channel to buy the product. There should be no confusion in his mind while doing so. Every medium should give him the message that they belong to the same cause.

What is Omni Channel Marketing?

A new term called omni-channel marketing is used to demonstrate this concept. It is a mindful approach to marketing which is flexible and dynamic. This means that even though different teams work differently for each channel, they are aware of and in coordination with what the other teams are doing in a different channel. This way they can all be on the same page and a harmony can be maintained.

This internal unity can be clearly seen by the potential customers and it leads to increased sales and brand awareness as well. The old saying ” Don’t lose the sight of the forest for its trees” goes correctly here. The different trees are the different channels that together make the marketing forest. It always pays more to work together and keep the big picture in mind!

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