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How You Can Get Others Talking About Your Brand

Despite all the ways to market a business these days, the most effective is still word-of-mouth. To have customers talking positively about your business is better than a Super Bowl ad. Your customers are getting a positive review of your business to your target audience. That person tells another and another. Your brand is the base, which make this happen. Yet, it’s really up to how you treat your customers that makes your brand thrive or fail.

Treat Customers Like They’re Your Best Customer

Customers want to feel valued. Consider treatment of your customers as part of your brand. Ask yourself you would want to be treated. How does your treatment at other establishments dictate your action in regards to that place? These should become part of your business’s return policy, dictate customer treatment and play apart in choosing employees.

Ensure Your Brand Matches Your Products

While it seems like a no-brainer, your brand should match your products. This ensures that your customers will like the brand and not be confused about what you sell. You wouldn’t dress your store up as a pharmacy, when you sell baby toys. The disconnect makes your business seem disjointed. Customer will be talking about your business in a not-so-good way. That may work for a while, but eventually business will slow. Ensuring your brand matches your business makes sense and will give your customer something positive to tell others about. Back to that baby toy example, if you put things, like a place to sit down and nurse, isles wide enough for strollers and a family friendly atmosphere into your store, mothers will feel more comfortable and are more likely to come back.

Listen to Your Employees and Customers

Your employees are an excellent source of information about your customers, particularly if your role as manager and owner doesn’t get you in front of customers often enough. They’ll also tell you what would make your customers more comfortable during their visit to your establishment. Your customers are also a good source and most will be willing to help you develop your brand. Even better, they will probably tell everyone they know that you care about your customers.

Brand isn’t working? Change it up.

If something isn’t working for your brand, then you need to stop, drop everything and change it. It may not mean a full change; it may be a subtle. That subtle change could make the customers start talking. As you think about reinventing your brand, consider the multiple reinventions the well-known singer “Cher” managed to do over her life long career. Each change made her fresh, brought attention to her brand and got another generation interested in her songs. Your business doesn’t have go through so many changes. The thing to think about is many successful rebranding of your persona she went through and why you believe it worked.

To get people talking about your business, you need to develop a solid brand. If it excites you, it will excite people like you. Making a brand evangelist out of your customers is simply creating a brand that they would be proud to call their own. It sounds simple, but businesses rarely get the brand right on the first try. You can. Just give your customers exactly want they want and they’ll start telling everyone they know how your business is great.

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3 thoughts on “excite the brand evangelist

  1. Hey Randy! Great post, as always!… I just REALLY wanted to edit it for you! All of the small things were super easy to glaze over, but in the second subtitle, don’t you mean, “like they’re..”? Just tryin’ to help a brotha out. ;-) Hope you’re having a fantastic week!

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