beyond the first sale: 4 techniques for creating customer-retaining content


Content marketing strategy shouldn’t stop when businesses make a sale, because a business owner can turn one sale into two sales. Yet, business owners and content marketers often don’t have a beyond-the-sale strategy. Your marketing should keep existing customers and obtain new customers for you. If it doesn’t, the strategy should be tweaked to retain customers.  It’s great to get new customers, but it’s even better to keep the ones you have and still get new customers. Business owners, content marketers and content creators can set themselves up for success by expanding their content strategy.

Add an Onsite Blog

Most business owners and content marketers have heard that a business blog is essential for getting new customers, but it also helps retain customers. Blogs can utilize content with a delicate marketing spin. For example, a clothing shop might put out a post on fall fashion trends. The images would be of their clothes and link to the items. This delicate marketing spin is usually only noticeable by other marketing professionals. The rest think the store is wonderful for not only informing them of the latest fashion, but takes the guess-work out of it and shows them where to find the trends.

Use Visual Media

Our eyes are how we see the world. Only the best and brightest wordsmiths paint an image, so vivid, it rivals a photograph. Plus, it adds another layer to your beyond-the-sale strategy that resonates with more visual customers.

Utilize Social Media

You might already have a customer creating strategy with social media, but it’s equally effective at keeping existing customers. Social media puts your business in front of your customer’s eyes every time content is posted. Additionally, businesses build their brand with strong and consistent posts. It also is another way to connect with customers and build authority for their brand.

Create Customer Only Content

Reward customers with customer-only content. This could be direct-to-their email articles or videos. Most importantly, let the customer know that this content is only for their eyes and the eyes of your other customers.  It’s their bonus for buying and becoming a part of your brand. It could even be coupons or short tips. Alternatively, you could have a section of your site filled with stuff just for them. You might even create a video game and post it in the customer-only section. For example, Disney creates games about their television shows for kids (and adults) to play online.

Build a Forum

An onsite blog, visual media, social media and customer only content add to the community feel of your brand. Businesses can go one step further and create a forum on their site. The forum would be a place for customers to communicate with each other. It benefits the brand and allows customers to realize they are not alone in loving your products. A forum brings customers back to your website and increases their opportunity to purchase your products or services again.

Going beyond the sale to keep your brand in the front of your customer’s mind makes sense. It’s easier to keep customers, who have already had a pleasant experience with the company, than to convince potential customers to give a business a try. Your beyond-the-sale strategy will maintain a business’s customer base with less effort than finding new ones. What methods are/will be included in your beyond-the-sale strategy?

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2 thoughts on “beyond the first sale: 4 techniques for creating customer-retaining content

  1. I really LOVE the part about creating customer-only content, Randy. I haven’t thought of that before, and it’s a great way to keep the attention of your customer base. Not to mention it will most certainly help keep your clients loyal! This is a must-share piece, thanks!

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