5 ways to make readers “share” it


The “share” button…it’s the holy grail of compliments for your content. It’s like getting a bonus at work or an “atta-boy” for a job well done. The share button seems more elusive than the boss giving you a pat on the back. Yet, it can be just as simple to achieve. Getting your readers to hit the share button can be accomplished by simply creating content that makes them say “wow.” It can’t be that easy, though? It is and isn’t. You just have to appeal to what makes them human.

Incite Emotion.

Emotion has moved fleets of ships, broken up marriages, inspired the Boston Tea Party, and caused just about every significant event in history. Why can it not be the force motivating the click of a button? Create content that make  your readers wipe away tears from their eyes, smile at a quirky turn of phrase, laugh at your wit, inspire with a heartwarming story or rail at the injustice in the world. The key is getting readers to feel. When they feel, they connect with the content. Thus, readers are more likely to share.

Say Something Wise. 

Something wise doesn’t necessarily mean creating something revolutionary, like Ben Franklin did when he channeled electricity with a kite, key and lightning. Some would actually say that was unwise, not to mention dangerous. Your “something wise” can be a creative way to look at something. These creative ideas for recycling the often discarded wood pallet is and example of a captivating and sharable subject matter.

Use a News Hook. 

A news hook is something relevant to events happening in the world at this moment, which you can use to attract and connect with readers. It also helps you with search engine rankings. News hooks engage your reader and inspire them to share. Just look at how the story of the Japan Tsunami took over Twitter and other social media.

Be Human. 

Forget the constant need to make your content sell something. It doesn’t have to make a sales pitch or be totally about the products associated with the blog. Your readers and potential customers want to get to know you through your content and feel a connection to the person or company behind the blog. They want to see a face, a person on the other end. It’s what elevates content from average to fantastic. You might also what to throw in a piece about something completely unrelated. It’s another thing that makes you appear human instead of machine. Machines stay on topic; the human mind wanders.

Ask Them To Share.

On a particularly important piece of content, ask them to share.  You’ll be surprised how many readers actually share with their networks when you ask them.

Sharable content goes beyond great content, it’s content that touches the reader in some way. People like to interact with people, not machines. That’s what makes content sharable. What makes you share content?

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4 thoughts on “5 ways to make readers “share” it

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  2. Thanks, Randy, great tips!
    It’s not always easy to be emotional and human, while providing interesting and well researched facts. I guess it’s about keeping the right balance.

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