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The art of creating valuable content can make or break any website. Many organizations and businesses have established websites for the sole purpose of providing information about their products and services. That information has to be supplied in a way that creates value for the reader.

It all starts with first developing a content plan. The biggest key is understanding what readers care about. Creative Director Sharon Tanton of  Valuable Content Marketing believes that with a good content strategy, businesses can “engage their audience and pull in leads.”

Three keys in building content are:

  • What are readers asking about?
  • How can you best answer their questions?
  • Are the answers you’re providing delivering results?

Understanding exactly what information is best to provide for customers is the first step. The next step is writing the copy to include on the website. That copy should serve to describe the products/services in a way that’s engaging for the reader and helps to answer any questions they may have. Any creation of content should be written with the customer in mind and geared towards giving them information that makes their decision easier.

In addition, content should give the reader a call to action. Any valuable content should give the user a reason to respond, either through leaving a comment, asking a more detailed question about a product, giving them more information via supporting links or inviting them to share content with others.

Once all of the copy has been created, it’s time to distribute that copy and incorporate it into the website in a format that’s user-friendly. The right content is meaningless if the customer has a difficult time navigating through the website looking for that content. Hire a web design firm that can help deliver a website that not only best represents your company, but in a way that makes it easy for readers to find and digest valuable information.  You always want to look for the professionals that can make your brand standout.  Your web design choice can give you the edge that you are needed in a competitive arena.

Once the website has been created, it’s important to use other channels to help distribute your content. Social media platforms are a great way to engage even more readers, so every content plan should include a sound distribution strategy.

A publishing calendar is an essential component of any content plan as well. Setting up times to publish various pieces of content to maximize exposure can be vital to the success of any business.

It’s vitally important to also keep content fresh. Savvy consumers will know when content has been recycled, so have a team of writers assigned to create fresh content with updated infographics and video. A website that provides updated information and answers new questions for consumers is a huge part of any effective content plan.

Over the years, many businesses have relied more and more on websites to deliver a large percentage of their sales. In the ever-increasing competition online, providing consumers with the right information in a user-friendly can make the difference between staying ahead or lagging behind the competition. A valuable content plan is a must for any business to remain successful.

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