turn to technology to market your brand by using google+ hangout on air


Google+ Hangout On Air was released in May 2013 for the purpose of integrating marketing strategies with technology for brand promotion. Companies can now set up hangouts to deliver a message to existing and potentially new clientele in order to market a product or service to a wider audience. The use of Google+ Hangout On Air allows companies to create video marketing content which also brings in additional revenues.

One of the major benefits of using Google+ Hangout On Air is that it’s free. When you produce a video, it automatically uploads to your company YouTube channel as well. This helps to gain more views. When these videos are properly promoted over social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, it reaches more people. Having a Google+ account for your brand also allows consumers to follow the brand and see when new videos are available to explain a service.

How to Use Google+ Hangouts On Air

The first order of business is setting up a Google+ account. Once this is complete you connect your Youtube account. When you want to start a Google+ Hangout On Air broadcast, select the hangout option. This will allow you to begin a video call or invite members from a specific circle to join. The video is able to be recorded and saved to be broadcast at a later date or time. Once you have the hangout started, you want to name it. Make sure that the name is specific to the message you plan to deliver. Within the Youtube channel are tools to manage, edit, add footnotes, descriptions or keywords for the video to make it appealing and SEO optimized for higher search result rankings.

After these two simple steps, you are ready to broadcast. The next step is to click “Start broadcast”. This puts you “On Air”. If there are any additional embedded video sharing websites included in your transmission, the video created will also be added there as well. It is a good idea to link the broadcast to a dedicated company website as well. This gives customers and service users an additional avenue to view your content.

Additional Benefits of Using Google+ Hangout On Air

In addition to the service being free and linking to outside resources, there are more benefits to this marketing strategy. With each hangout having a specific name, you are able to reference previous broadcasts by name for users to look up as a refresher or to gain additional information about your company, product or services offered. The use of this service also makes you more connected to your followers.

There are several items in which using Google+ Hangout On Air benefits your company. A few of those items are:

  • Introducing the company, product or service
  • Live product or service demonstrations
  • Employee training videos
  • Press release information
  • Company news or updates
  • Delivery of the company overview or mission statement
  • A demonstration of how to navigate a device or service offered
  • Screen shot demonstrations

The possibilities of what Google+ Hangout On Air can do for your company from a marketing standpoint are literally endless. In terms of brand development, this technological advancement helps you to reach more people globally to expand brand exposure. The more a brand is recognized with positive feedback, the more successful it is likely to become. This is just a brief overview to explain how to use Google+ Hangout On Air and why it is a beneficial addition to market your brand.

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