invigorate your content marketing efforts with slideshare


With the World Wide Web having a firm foothold in marketing, content marketing couldn’t be any more competitive and yet crucial to success of a business’s brand building and customer loyalty efforts. That’s one reason why content marketers need to invigorate their content marketing efforts with a different type of content, like SlideShare. SlideShare is essentially YouTube and presentation software combined. The result is a new type of content that is different from what everyone else is doing. And in a web full of content, being different is a wonderful thing.

About SlideShare

SlideShare originated as an easier way for businesses to share presentations between employees in 2006 and has since been bought by LinkedIn. Businesses can now share presentations with anyone with an Internet connection. This board audience lets businesses reach this target audience without putting in a lot of extra effort. SlideShare receives about 50 million unique visitors every month. At the same time, SlideShare visitors are checking out one of the roughly 1,140 slide presentations on its site.

So, Really… What Can SlideShare Do For My Business


The most effective use of SlideShare is exposure for businesses. Businesses get their message out to the masses. As mentioned previously, SlideShare receives 50 million unique visitors a month.

Lead Generation

SlideShare can generate leads for a business when a business uses the Pro account. The SlideShare Pro Account includes the  lead generation form.


If your business has been having trouble getting the message right on marketing materials, SlideShare lets business pool their target audience to see which resonates better.

How A Business Can Use SlideShare

For content marketers, SlideShare has a wide range of applications. SlideShare can be used as a platform for traditional marketing presentations, but business marketers can also change it up.


Simply upload a presentation to the site. It can be one specifically for employees or for the masses.

Repurpose Articles

Transform an article into a slideshow with fun fonts and graphics for something different. Businesses can take an old article and give it new life or start with a new article.

Post Marketing Documents, PDFs, Infographics, Videos and Webinar

SlideShare also hosts documents, PDFs, infographics, videos and webinars. Visistors to the site can see and rate them.

Selective Marketing

It can be used just for employee-to-employee presentations, business-to-business presentations or be viewed by the masses. This makes it useful for sales teams and content marketers. Content Marketers can offer a great deal to a group of people, such as those who subscribed to their blog.

Link To Your Site

You can embed the presentation or other material into a blog post on the business’s website or just about anywhere.

With SlideShare, businesses and content marketers can repurpose old content, generate leads, and get feedback on their materials.  SlideShare is the best way for content marketers and businesses to get their message to the people they need to hear it, even if those people are a single entity or 50 million individuals.

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