5 mistakes business owners make when building brand loyalty


Brand loyalty almost seems a thing of the past. More like, it is the kind of thing our grandparents believed rather than something in full force today. Alas, building loyalty in a brand is totally possible and essential for longevity. Customers want a business they can come back to again and again for the things they need that they feel comfortable purchasing those items, knowing they are getting the right items for them in the rest atmosphere. It is, however, easy to make mistakes when building brand loyalty that may haunt a business the rest of its days.

1. Forgetting What The Customer Wants

It is important to keep what the customer wants in mind as a business owner builds loyalty. Business owners need the loyalty to deeper than the surface and when a business meets the needs of its customers, strong brand loyalty can develop.

2. All Hype, No Substance

When building brand loyalty, it is easy to think about customers are object you are trying to attract with pretty mirrors and forget they are people. People are more than objects and easily see through wrapping paper. So, avoid making claims about the business without the substance to back it up. Customers will be turned off by the smoke and mirrors and business owners will need to work harder at brand loyalty. Word of mouth is the best advertisement for a business, but a person is more likely to spend the word about a bad experience than a good one.

3. All Sell

One of the worst things a business can do when building brand loyalty is being all about the next sale. It shows up in everything about the business, including the content, the marketing and the stress of the staff. It is like being bombarded with telemarketers. No customer like that. It is a big turn off and the customers are unlikely to come back. If your products are good enough, then you will not need this type of constant advertisements. This extends to social media and the business blog, too. Content needs to be engaging.

4. No Engagement

Customers love communication. It shows they matter and their words are heard. Engagement can simply mean a conversation or acknowledgment that the business heard their words and will take the appropriate action. In terms of brand building, it can mean how the ads, blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts and other advertisements engage the emotions of the reader. The strong emotion, such as laughter, connects them to your brand and encourages loyalty.

5. Poor Customer Service

When a business owner is building brand loyalty, it is easily to forget the day-to-day operations of the store. No matter how well you do everything else, how those behind the counter treat the customer is still one of the best ways to build customer loyalty. So, never forget that your brand extends beyond the physical.

Brand loyalty is easy to mess up and takes a lot of work on the part of the business owner. The most rewarding part of taking the time to build a brand and loyalty to that brand is the satisfaction a business owner feels when a customer tells them how much they love their business. It makes all the trials and errors worth every second spent on making their business more than just four walls with product in it.

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