how to get your content read


Getting your content in front of your present and future customers can be frustrating. After all, if the content isn’t seeing the light of day, it is not doing its job. Business owners need the content to be seen, read and understood for the creation of the content to be worth the effort. Business owners can set themselves up for success in the content creation game without too much extra effort on their part.

Make SEO Friendly Content

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is commonly called is the way search engines find your content and rank it on search engine results. With penguin and panda updates to how search engine find content, keywords are equal to the readability of the article. So, content presented on the web has to be readable and SEO friendly.

Engage Readers

Readability also factors in on whether the content engages the reader. Keyword stuffing disrupts the flow of the article. Drum up emotion in your readers. Funny, sensitive and informative reads connect with readers and engage them with your content. Content owners can also use question at the end of content to evoke a response. Just make sure you respond to the responses. It creates a friendly atmosphere that enhances your reader’s connection to the site and encourages them to return again.

Use Social Media

Social media is instant publishing and lets your followers know what your brand has been doing since your last update. It’s quick and effective at getting the attention of your audience. They can see the update on their social media homepage and know you have fresh content for them to read. Create specifically for your social media pages, too. You might consider using a coupon or other giveaway and contacting coupon blogs to gain more social media followers.

 Guest Posting

Half the battle of getting your content read is getting your content under the noses of perspective readers. One way you achieve this is to guest post on other blogs with more readers. The blog must allow you to link to your website and social media pages for it to work. Like the content you put on your blog, the content needs to be engaging and SEO friendly. Guest posts expose more readers and potential customers to your business and content. This translates into future profits and makes guest posts a viable way for business owners to attract more attention for their content sites.

Put it On Your Advertising

This may seem like a no brainer, but put the link to your website, blog, and social media on your business cards, ads, newsletters, and other promotional materials. Your potential customers will often check them out before checking out your store. If you have done the other four things on this list, you will likely have them coming back for more information. Not only will this get your content read, but it helps your business build its brand and become more trustworthy in the eyes of your present and future customers.

Beating the readerless content blues is straightforward. Take your content to the masses and give them the foundation to find it. If it is engaging, the content will do the rest for you. With a little luck and classy content, you will be well on your way to building a strong, reputable brand.

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