grab your market one small chunk at a time

19764453_sThe psychological term is “chunking.”  It is a phenomenon that explains the human condition of short and long-term memory retention.  The human brain is a complex beast and we humans have yet to fully figure it out or harness its full potential.  Chunking references our brain’s ability to store only so much information into our short-term memory.  If thought of in bite sized “chunks,” the chunks of memory that most people are able to process are generally limited to two to six individual items.

How Do We Remember What we Remember?

Further studies revealed that the “chunks” that remained rooted in the person’s memory banks were those that were meaningful to the case subject.  This is because visually appealing, and easily digestible, data points are more easily absorbed by the participant for easier retrieval later.  Needless to say, the marketing implications of this physiological reality have necessitated a change in thinking about the ways that companies deliver their message to the consumer.

Coupled to this fact is the documented short attention span of most Americans as they multi-task their way through their average day.  Evidence suggests that most are attempting to be entertained or informed in the shortest possible time, and this fact explains the rise in popularity of such platforms as Pinterest, Instagram, and Vine.

As one might expect, anyone with only the merest of familiarity of these popular internet sites will quickly realize the visual display of images and infographics reigns supreme.  Anyone who has ever opened an Etsy store knows the critical importance attached to the taking of pictures that will serve to represent your product on-line.

The implications for Marketing…

Since the goal is always to correctly identify your target customer prior to spending the money associated with a full-blown advertising campaign, exploring niche markets that are available is the bread and butter of the typical entrepreneur.

The notion that one needs to constantly feed the social media machine to remain relevant is now being questioned.  Is it actually necessary to swim in the crowded waters of Facebook and Twitter to achieve an appreciable market share?  Tailoring your media message away from the behemoths of social media, and towards smaller niche sites that are smaller and self-selected will direct your advertising dollars directly to the smaller niche of likely consumers that you have identified.

Small Bites Lead to Bigger Chunks…

Capitalizing on the aforementioned tendency humans have towards chunking, these platforms also cater to that impulse through their chosen medium of visual imagery.  Under this formula, all that is necessary for achieving advertising success is to identify an audience, tailor a message, and then find an appealing way to visually represent it.

The savvy marketers of tomorrow will be grabbing their chunks of the market in smaller bite-sized portions through innovative visual imagery that is targeted like a laser on their intended target.

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3 thoughts on “grab your market one small chunk at a time

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more, Randy.
    The internet isn’t so much a digital global village as it is a globe made up of millions of villages.
    It’s our challenge as businesses is to connect to our villages and use the same principles of small town marketing to build networks and communities around our brand.

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