when social becomes business

11908702_sAt one time businesses became social to sell products.

Now social has become a business to sell products.

Influencing is an approach available to both individuals and businesses in order to help promote their product either to other businesses (B2B) or to consumers (B2C). Influencing is essentially a building of relationships with other influencers to ultimately sell a product. It requires several different avenues, interlinked to have the greatest impact. An effective plan of action is to start with the following:

  • Identify the top ten to twenty influencers in the area to which your company wishes to market their brand. To gain additional influencers via connections through the initial influencers is the main goal.
  • Interact regularly and consistently with the identified top influencers. These may be bloggers, trend setters, activists, journalists and those with massive social media connections. The exact matches are not always as important as the general sweeping influence. Remember to include retail staff and buyers as part of the company’s influencers if the company product is a retail product.
  • Use online social media tools to help know how and where to target your top influencers.
  • Ensure that the Company social media contact information is on all business cards and correspondence. 
  • Nurture all relationships using traditional word of mouth as well as interacting and helping other businesses online and via your influencers in order to gain the same in return. Naturally the more people involved and exposed to a company’s product line the larger the scope of customers reached.
  • Become a Top Influencer by finding a way to create a big buzz regarding the company’s products. Open all necessary online social media accounts being sure to have them all inter-connected and automatically widely dispersed for maximum efficiency. Contribute to the company blog at minimum once a week or if possible daily and invite/follow/engage an audience of both customers and influencers.
  • Register with an Online Branding Firm to monitor your Influence and top Influencers.

From a marketing point of view it takes any one person seeing a brand name whether it be a personal name or business name, seven (7) times to relate the product to the business. For instance the nameFresh Fruity Gumdrops, after being seen with extra-large first letters will automatically compute in a consumers head to Fresh Fruity Gumdrops by being exposed  to the initials FFG on the eighth time they see it. The words fill in themselves so that the onlooker says ‘fresh fruity gumdrops’ in (his) mind. The same can be held true for Influencers and Influencees.

The more the company brand name is exposed, remarked on, reviewed, talked about the higher the impact the company receives on its bottom line. The higher the impact any company has the more they are talked about and the more they are talked about the higher the Influencer rating and therefore the branding of the company’s product. The branding of products hence becomes readily available to small and medium-sized businesses which logically must run on much smaller marketing budget than multi-national brands. Consider this the new ROI which translates to the Reach Of Influencing. Sharing, whether in real life or via social media, through influencers or otherwise is the premise of the new ROI. The more ‘shares’, the bigger the reach. The bigger the reach, the higher the returns of Influencing and the higher those returns are ultimately translate right into the old ROI – a better Return On Investment.

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8 thoughts on “when social becomes business

  1. Super tips, Randy! Especially love NURTURE since I think many people miss this step. We make that connection, and sometimes we have good convos in the start, but then we forget to nurture that relationship. It’s definitely something I work on daily!

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