six steps to quality content


Creating quality content for your website or blog is important for many reasons. Not only do you want to draw in new visitors to your website or blog, but you want to keep them coming back for more, while also telling others just how great your website or blog really is.

But just how do you do this? What’s the secret to quality content and what are the steps to achieving the perfect content for your website or blog? There are a few steps involved with the creation of perfect web content and I’m going to break down each step for you to help make things a bit easier…

Six Steps to Quality Web Content:

Step 1)  Quality: When creating your web content, you’ll want to do so with an authoritative voice, so that your readers trust you and your website or blog. Facts are important, so if necessary, then don’t be afraid to link to facts from other authoritative sites.

If you’re not an expert in the niche that you have chosen to go with, then make sure you have thoroughly researched anything that you plan on posting to your website or blog. The goal here is to create quality content based upon your niche and your particular target audience.

Step 2)  Images: Images are extremely important to your websites visitors because we live in a digital and visual world. Readers are drawn in by both the written word and a good visual. Pick images that relate to your content. It is a fact that readers are more likely to read an article with a picture than an article without a picture.

Step 3)  Fresh Content and New Trends: Keep your web content fresh and stay up to date on the latest trends within your niche and then curate them. This is a common practice among many of the most successful websites on the internet.

Step 4)  Proofreading: Before hitting “publish” or “post,” make sure that you’ve dotted all of your I’s and crossed all of your T’s. You want your grammar and spelling to be impeccable. If you’re not an expert with grammar, then hit a quick grammar and spell check within Microsoft word, or other similar programs.

Step 5)  SEO: Make sure that you’ve added correct keywords and metadata for your websites content, and remember that you don’t want to go overboard. Don’t add keywords that are popular in the search engine but make absolutely no sense what-so-ever within your article. Your keywords have to blend within the article and they have to make sense.

You also don’t want to add too many keywords. Including each keyword two to three times is optimal. This includes the title of your article, as well. Anything more than that and you’ll be rejected by search engines.

Step 6)  Properly Space Paragraphs: Properly spacing your paragraphs is extremely important when it comes to perfect content, because if you don’t do this correctly, you can easily scare away potential ‘future’ visitors, clients, customers, etc. Try not to make your paragraphs too big. It’s easier for readers to read paragraphs with three to four lines per paragraph.

This may seem like a lot to learn and it is, but with a lot of time, effort and practice, you’ll master all of these things before you know it. Just remember that each and every one of these steps plays an important role in effective content marketing.

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