do not underestimate the power of a tweet!


When you have a business, it is important to make it visible on the internet. One of the most powerful things you can do with the internet is to become known on the social media circuit. Facebook has made changes and posts may not be seen, and Pinterest is still very new. Twitter, however, is the place where business can go viral. Tweets can be posted, re-tweeted, and hashtags allow tweets to be searched. When you look at news stories, you can see the power of Twitter by how quickly something goes viral. Here are just a few examples of how powerful Twitter can be.

In April 2013, Associated Press’ Twitter account was hacked into, all it took was one tweet to send the stock market into a free fall, and many around the world went nuts. This one tweet was a statement that there were reported explosions at the White House. Even though a tweet was later deleted and an announcement was made, the damage was done.

On the other hand, in June 2010, Stephen Colbert tweeted that Comedy Central was donating money to help with the oil spill relief if there were re-tweets. It was retweeted just under 40,000 times. He kept the tweet short and included a link. This allowed anyone who re-tweeted to keep the initial tweet complete, and add hashtags if they desired to make it searchable. People like to see celebrities be helpful and are quick to join the cause if it is easy enough.

Congressman Anthony Weiner learned how powerful Twitter can be if you forget that Direct Messages are the only part of the social media that is not public. He was forced to resign after he sent a lewd photo publicly on Twitter in June 2011. He did not realize that the @ sign does not make things private. This is a way to see that abusing Twitter or making a mistake becomes very public and can ruin the future of your business.

Finally, the rap artist, 50 Cent proved that Twitter could make you a multi-millionaire in a few days in January 2011. That is when he innocently talked to his followers about penny stocks, and the one he chose to invest in. It was for HNHI, a company that distributed headphones. A few of his followers opted to invest as well. The stock rose, quickly, and earned him roughly nine million dollars.

It is easy to see with these examples that Twitter is powerful enough to boost your business to surprising levels, completely destroy your future, or help an entire nation. You will always need to be careful about what you post, because the power of Twitter is not something to doubt.

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