regurgitated aggregation and quality curation

contentlayersContent curation tools can be extremely useful as long as the user is discriminating and doesn’t solely rely on them. Many website owners use them exclusively to automatically add pre-existing information to the site. Yet, the human element is necessary to create engaging content that adds value to the reader. Setting yourself apart from the competition by combining the two will develop loyal followers who are potential customers.

Is There a Short cut for Content?

Of course there are short cuts for everything, including content, but that doesn’t mean they will deliver the same value to your contacts. When they search for information and find the same article on numerous sites, clients tend to assume it is either spam or an attempt to sell a product. They want real information about the terms they have searched for. Your goal is to provide relevant content in a timely manner.

What About Curation?

Curation has become a buzzword in social media, as information on particular topics is collected and reshared. People who are interested in the topic may see the same item crop up numerous times, and after having read it once, will not do so again. The continual repetition may create backlinks, but does not provide new value to the reader.

This is not to say that all curation is bad, in fact it is a valuable tool when used correctly. A good writer or journalist has to find information somewhere. They comb the latest sites, as well as other websites to learn more about the subject. As a business owner, you too can use curated content to support the article, or for a reference. It is important though to develop a thorough understanding of what is stated, and present the information to the audience based on how it affects them.

Differentiate Your Website with Quality Curation and Forget Regurgitated Aggregation

Begin upgrading your information by using techniques to develop quality curation and forget repeated use of someone else’s content. Use the following techniques and see just how easy it is to create fresh, engaging content on topics that are important to your readers.

1. Begin collecting and reading as much information as possible about the topic. This should include both pros and cons to develop a full understanding.

2. Question everything you read with an analytical mind. Is it rife with advertising, promoting a particular product, or are there studies that support the conclusion?

3. Use the five W’s and add an H, who, what, when, where, why and how, to delve deeper into the topic. Depending on the subject a trend may start to emerge at this point, ask yourself why or how it is evolving.

4. Collect and polish the information. Start at the beginning, what led to the information, the points that illustrate the conclusion and the conclusion. Readers often pay more attention to the beginning and end of an article than to the middle. Engage them with questions that make them want to read all the information that is presented. Don’t add fluff. A simple and concise article is more beneficial than a regurgitated one.

5. Respect the readers and their ability to develop their own impression of the information that has been presented. As the article is shared, new information will be added as well as new opinions. It is an opportunity to create a second, third, and even more articles using these ideas that will continue to engage the audience.

Collecting and sharing information that has already been written does not provide quality or value to your own site, however through the use of quality curation you can build a loyal base of readers. They will continue to return to your site and consider it a trusted authority or partner that serves their need for real and useful content.

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2 thoughts on “regurgitated aggregation and quality curation

  1. Great post and agree completely about recycling others or your own content. I never automate posts, always write my own material for my site. Now on other sites like ScoopIt I use a combination of others and mine.

    • Always appreciate your comments Carly. Perfect, maintaining your voice for your brand and then peppering in other supporting material that builds your credibility is a roadmap for success…rcb

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