move your content strategy to the head of the line!

11159207_sDo you have a truly innovative product, service, brand, or business that you think the world needs to hear about? Are you finding it frustratingly difficult to get the online exposure necessary for your brand to move to the next level? You aren’t alone. Countless businesses struggle on the fringes, unable to generate much-needed visibility. The key to online success is developing a smart content strategy that utilizes social media. And you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a content strategist to accomplish that goal; you can simply follow these steps:

Take assessment and set goals

The first step in developing a strong content strategy is to define precisely what your content goals are. Who are you hoping to connect with through your content strategy? What platforms (like social media sites) do you plan on using in your content strategy?

You should also take assessment of the content you have at your disposal. It can be very beneficial to create a detailed inventory of your content including the page title, URL, document type, and any notes you have on the content. Having a clear visual of what you have to work with will make it much easier to develop your content strategy.

Define what sets you apart

To really be successful you need to determine what makes your brand especially unique. What do you offer customers that they don’t get anywhere else? Perhaps most importantly, you need to ask yourself, “Is my content interesting enough to get people talking about it?” because that is the true test of your content. In order for your content to garner links and shares, it has to be interesting and engaging enough to generate conversation in social media networks. Create content that people will be dying to share with their friends.

Monitor results

In order to determine whether your content strategy is effective, you need to have some way to monitor its results. This may mean keeping track of traffic to your site, product sales, links to your site, or mentions in social media networks. The most important thing is that you have some method for determining the effects of your current content strategy.

Make appropriate changes

Once you have gathered all of that information about your content strategy, you can assess whether or not you should make any further changes. For instance, if you have seen a marked increase in site traffic, that’s a strong indicator that your content strategy is working. If traffic has remained constant or decreased however, you need to make further alterations to your content strategy. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results straight away. Most content strategies require tweaking in order to optimize site visibility and your brand’s success.

If you follow these steps you should be able to develop a content strategy that will help give your brand that extra boost it needs.

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3 thoughts on “move your content strategy to the head of the line!

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  2. Hi, Randy – I’ve been socializing on the social web for a few years now… And I’ve finally decided to build an online based business.

    It’s a completely different mindset that requires that you take action on every one of the points in this blog post.

    Thanks for sharing your insights, sir : )

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