today’s buzzword of the day is “content marketing”


So, what exactly is content marketing?

Well, first of all, content marketing isn’t new by any means, but the word itself is emerging as a more relied upon form of advertising.  Living in a digital era, companies are realizing that consumers are disinterested in the pitching of products with annoying advertising ads, in an attempt to achieve sales.

Consumers don’t want to be bombarded with advertisements, they want to connect with companies without feeling like the company is just simply trying to “sell” something.  Consumers want to know that the products you’re selling actually work and do what they say they’re supposed to do.

Is your dry skin lotion really the best dry skin lotion on the market?  Does your makeup primer truly hide fine lines and wrinkles?  If I use your line of hair care products, will my hair really look like the models on TV?  Content marketing is not delivering a product or service; it is an art of merely delivering information.

Why is content marketing replacing traditional marketing?

Nine times out of ten, consumers are not interested in watching commercials or viewing advertisements on the Internet.  These things are easily bypassed nowadays and many people consider advertisements like commercials and banners to be a nuisance.

For example, just click on any random video on the Weather Channel or YouTube and you’re bound to find someone somewhere within the comments section complaining about the 30 second advertisement.  Most people skip these things if they have the option to “skip ad in 5 seconds.”  I know I do…

Consumers these days, hit Google when they’re interested in purchasing something new or learning about a new product or service that’s on the market, or something that’s interesting, intriguing and trending.  When these consumers hit Google, they come upon various search engine results containing content, and good SEO is of the utmost importance in ensuring that your content is found to begin with, but that’s a completely different story.

Right now, we’re talking about content marketing.  Each has a job of it’s own…SEO and content marketing.  So, if you have applied good SEO within your content, now you’re on the right path to getting recognized within the search engines, that way your consumers can find you on their own, when they’re actually looking for a product or service.  And they will look…and they do look.  People are always looking to try different things or to learn about new things.

So once a consumer clicks onto a link to your web page, the content on that page will make or break their decision to purchase your product(s) or service(s).   People don’t want to feel like they’re being sold anything.  They’re there because they want to actually learn about your product or service.  They want fact, not fiction.

Connecting with People

You want your marketing efforts to make people really stop and think.  You want to connect with your consumers in a way that not only do they purchase your product or services, but that they come back…and not only that, but that they also refer your products or services friends/family/colleagues…which equals more sales for you.  Remember that word of mouth can also make or break a company, product or service.  Connecting to people with content marketing is the difference from interruptive marketing, also known as advertisements that most people ignore.

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