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Blogging is a general term used for both personal and business content publishing. Though these days almost everyone has a blog, very few bloggers have actually succeeded to have a loyal subscriber base. Blogging is a good tool for any business who wants to reach out to the global audience. Here is a step by step guide to use blogging successfully for business.

Know Your Audience – The first and perhaps the most important aspect of blogging for business is to identify your target audience. There are a lot of people looking for information online and your job is to reach them and provide that information. Bonds can be built only when you know where to find these people and who these people are. Once this is done, you can move to the next step.

Identify Your Purpose – There is a purpose behind every blog and that is what copywriting is all about. Be sure of your purpose and do not shy away from revealing it to the audience tactfully.  Tell them what you want them to do now – like the post, share on social media, leave a comment, subscribe to the blog or visit your website. Whatever it is, be open about it and let them make their choice.

Meet Their Expectations –  Your audience has certain expectation from the content you are going to provide them through your blog. This expectation can be a result of your marketing efforts or probably what your competition does or does not provide. You need to find it out and get it done. Fresh content that the readers find valuable will earn you their loyalty. Also, maintain a schedule while posting so that the readers know when to expect your next post. This gets you credibility.  When your audience knows that you are predictable, you gain their trust. Trust is what turns potential customers to customers and customers into loyal customers.

Focus on them – Agreed you have the best products or services in the industry but your readers want to know why. Give them the freedom to post their problems and provide them a relevant solution using one of your solutions. You may not want to start selling right away but you need to keep the talk relevant to your industry. Best marketers involve the users with them and it is the users that are promoting their products and services for them instead of them doing it directly.

The Metrics – Today, tools are available to measure different parameters of success of a blog. Start with short-term goals and also make a few long-term goals. If needed, take help from a SEO expert and learn some basic concepts. SEO is not only about link building or writing keyword rich content. Learn how to strategies and plan your blog posts.

Regular blogging with the purpose of sharing and informing people goes a long way. There are many organizations that have gained huge success through blogging over the years and continue to do so. It is all about communication and bonding. Learn to do it right and see how blogging can take your business to new heights.

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2 thoughts on “blogging for business

  1. Knowing your audience is the most important, yet the hardestthing to achieve. What I’ve learned through my blogging journey (not blogging b2b though) is that it’s often those you were least expecting that actually reads it. There are many invisible readers as well that you don’t know anything about. This can be funny, scary, sometimes frustrating but mostly interesting and challenging in a positive way. Thanks for another brilliant post, Randy!

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