your objective better content, not higher rankings!


So you want a website that informs your customers and empowers them to feel good about the company that’s serving their needs. You likely also want a lot of traffic coming your way. There used to be the myth that a successful online business needed to primarily concern itself with optimizing a search engine ranking to attract visitors. Now, however, things have evolved, and the best chance you have of creating a website that gets noticed is to supply visitors with high quality content.

Content is King

Relevant content that addresses the needs of your readers and customers is important to ensure longevity in the global online marketplace. While some business owners are still investing in SEO content, the major search engines are dynamic, and grasping for the old advantages that search engine optimization once provided is not a practical solution for how fast things are changing. Those who concern themselves with SEO will be left behind with sub par content and few advantages when it comes to site rankings.

Google Considerations

So you want your website to get as many visitors as possible. That’s the goal of most website owners and businesses. The most popular search engine, Google, has become such a cultural mainstay that “Googling” is now an accepted colloquial phrase for conducting an online search.

What Google is most concerned about now is providing relevant, reliable content each time someone conducts a search. If you want to win with Google, you should also concern yourself for providing this service to visitors of your site. If you have poorly composed prose, the best SEO placement is still going to fall short. It’s best to leave out any SEO key word goals and stick to simply writing well-researched, helpful, and accurate articles.

Putting a Plan in Action

Even if you just have an online shop, hiring writers to provide content that’s relevant to what you’re selling may help expand your customer base. For example, if you do many types of searches, the top results are usually going to be informative articles, rather than sales pages. Therefore, if you have a dress boutique website, it’s a good idea to hire an experienced blogger to write targeted content on fashion, dresses, and styles.

The focus really does need to be on good content, though, because it can turn a customer off to see pages of SEO content with no credibility that are obviously just trying to pedal a product. If you want to earn respect of your readers and a higher search engine ranking, ultimately focus on what you are selling. Treat the writing as a product in and of itself. If you sold a lot of items that were poorly put together, you likely wouldn’t stay in business very long. The same set of rules apply to how search engines see content.

Get Creative

Creating high quality content can go beyond articles that you publish, though. You may opt to have a message board on your website that encourages user-generated content. Allowing reviews that are both good and bad can also earn both the respect of your customers and higher search engine ratings. Try interviewing creators of the products you sell. Post detailed product descriptions. Use your imagination to build the content of your website while keeping the focus on quality.

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4 thoughts on “your objective better content, not higher rankings!

    • It is confusing but with google seeking true authorship and trying to level the “tricks of the trade” it seems to be wise to focus on content but do not throw the baby out…so to speak! Thanks for the read Jayme, rcb

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