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Five Steps to Getting Your Content Seen by the Right People

If your content doesn’t reach the right people, it doesn’t matter how good it is. You could have the most fascinating piece of information – something that could change someone’s life – but it won’t matter if they don’t see it. When you come right down to it, there are two steps to building a brand: creating content and getting the right people to see it. Here is a five step process you can follow to get the right eyes on your content.

1. Find Your Right People

Your audience is the backbone of your brand. They’re what you should focus on whenever you produce content. However, before you can take their opinion into account, you need to find them. Start by asking yourself the question: who would benefit from my content the most? Maybe it’s a housewife, maybe it’s a single parent, or maybe it’s someone trying to escape the 9-5 life. You want to narrow this down, saying things like “my content is great for everyone” means you don’t know who your right people are.

2. Create a Plan

Once you know who your right people are, it becomes easier to create an action plan. Your plan should include ideas on how to reach your audience and on what types of things they’d be interested in. For example, if your ideal person is a basketball fan, producing content that relates to the NBA is going to be a lot more effective than creating content about vacuums. Create a list of ideas that you think your audience would be interested in.

3. Learn About Internet Media

People will find your content through two ways: advertisements or word of mouth. Neither way is correct and both will take effort. If you’re using an advertisement, that means you’ll need to pay either an individual or a business to promote your products. Word of mouth is created by your content itself – the more people enjoy your content, the more they’ll talk about it, which results in a bigger audience. Take advantage of both promotion strategies to get the right people seeing your content.

4. Social Media Channels

Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ can all be used to share and promote your content. However, all platforms are not created equal. You may find that your content attracts thousands of followers on Twitter, but almost none on Facebook. Or you may find yourself with thousands of Facebook fans, but minimal interest through Google+. Remember that it doesn’t matter which social media channel people find you through. You want to focus on your strengths – if you have lots of Twitter followers, it makes more sense to try to find other followers through Twitter than it does to add a handful of followers to your Google+ account.

5. Sharable Content

Pay attention to what kind of results your content sees, and try to give your audience more of that content. For example, if a blog posts receives hundreds of shares on Facebook (thus giving you free advertising), you should try to figure out what you did right and repeat that process. What was it about that particular blog post that caused so many people to share it? Figure out what your right people share, then give them more of it. Also, remember to produce content on a consistent basis – people will forget about you if you’re not constantly shipping content.

Follow these five steps, and soon you can have the right audience for your content.

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6 thoughts on “right content to the right people with the right frequency

  1. I’m in HubSpot school. What I’ve been taught is to understand your Buyer Persona. Who buys your services or products? What are their demographics? Tailor your content to them, once you’ve determined who they are.

    I thought it a bunch of hogwash until I started examining my last and current batch of clients. It works and helps you better define who you WANT as a client. Because not everyone is going to hire you.

  2. I agree about the importance of actively searching for your prospects and that some channels are better than others. However I get a bit nervous about focusing in places where you don’t own the property.

    As long as you can funnel them towards a property you own things are cool, but if you don’t you are taking a risk.

    • Totally agree Joshua, many have and continue to place all their eggs in someone else’s basket. Hopefully their strategy is leading the prospects to their own real-estate! rcb

  3. I agree with the five steps you have listed. However, I think a sixth step is work mentioning: interaction. By interacting with others within your niche by sharing and commenting on their material, you can really make social media work.

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