automation, are we doing it wrong?


If you’re like most marketing professionals, you’ve probably got a lot of irons in the fire. It may be tempting to attempt to automate as many marketing aspects as you can, but should you? Of course, you can’t do it all, but some marketing strategies require more attention than others. Social media is one of those marketing tools that require the human element to be regularly present.

Too much automation can be a bad thing in social media. This should be evident, since the entire point behind the medium is to be social. Can you really be social when you attempt to robotize this type of task? Not likely.

Are You Communicating or Just Broadcasting?

Recent tragedies like the Sandy Hook school shooting and the Boston Marathon bombing have been integrated into the social media collective consciousness. On one end of the spectrum, there were tweeters and posters sharing photos and tweets about the tragedy en masse. These furtive postings were inevitably punctuated with automated material that no doubt seemed out-of-place during the events that were unfolding. Marketing professionals who kept their tweets automated without checking on current events may have seemed ill-informed or insensitive while tweeters who were sharing photos and minute-by-minute updates were leaving friends and followers reeling from the constant flow of information. Neither strategy is appropriate.

The premise behind this marketing toolset is to facilitate communication in a more direct way. You should be communicating and responding instead of just broadcasting. Automation is a handy tool, but we have to think about our usage of social media while ensuring that we keep the best aspects working properly.

Automation Should Always Facilitate Social Connections

Before you get the wrong idea, you should know that automation isn’t wrong. Using tools to help you perform marketing tasks more efficiently isn’t a bad idea. However, you should ensure that your primary goal in using automation is to serve your prospects. Using tools for listening is a wonderful idea. Scheduling tweets isn’t inappropriate, as long as you’re also including organic tweets. You need to keep in mind that all these tricks and tools are intended to help you connect with people, not make connecting unnecessary.

Communications and Marketing aren’t Necessary Evils

Too many people assume that social media is an automated road to endless profit. These people generally have a negative view of marketing and communications. Sales transforms into the most important part of the marketing process. Sales, marketing, and communications are interconnected, and part of the concept behind good customer service. These aspects are part of the ecosystem involved in building relationships with your prospects.

Being Human is the Ultimate Goal in Social Media Marketing

If you don’t realize it already, you should know by now, that being human and being social is the goal behind your social media interactions. If you want to be truly successful in your social media interactions, you need to connect with prospects and allow them to see what makes you stand out from everyone else. This is the best result that any of us can hope for. What do you think?

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