business, a new horizon for klout?

klout-score-graphic-e1355785069810-980x450Social marketing has the potential to be a huge waste of time or an enormous benefit depending on multiple factors. The number of times an individual is exposed to a brand’s message can be unpredictable unless the message is consistently placed where consumers can see it. The majority of Facebook page posts disappear from within three to five hours of publication. However, the real promise behind social media isn’t meant to be realized through crowdcasting; creating a ripple effect is the focus that marketing should aspire to.

Klout’s Most Recent Innovations Level the Playing Field for Brands

Social media influence arbiter, Klout recently unveiled an analytics dashboard designed to help brands better identify their key influencers. This may be a crucial step for the company to successfully reinvent itself. Klout CEO Joe Fernandez reportedly believes the same. He maintains that Klout is consumer oriented but Klout for Business is intended to level the playing field for the branding side of the business. It appears that Klout is gearing up to position itself as an enterprise-level marketing platform.

Fernandez reports that Klout has rewritten its topic analysis system to offer businesses a more dynamic view of the interests of influencers. Klout is planning to let these businesses know who their influencers are among Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Important statistics such as gender, age groups, and location are included. The biggest clincher though, is that businesses will have access to topics that these influencers are most influential on.

Klout Can Connect Consumers with Brands More Effectively

Now businesses have the insight in knowing who is influential in a particular arena and the ability to invite those influencers to join in a major marketing event or competition. Now brands can fine-tune influencers outreach in order to target messaging to appeal to these influencers and create a social ripple amongst an almost unlimited amount of followers. This is amazing in of itself, but the potential for this to permeate the borders of Klout’s properties is substantial and it will certainly affect how businesses perceive this social influence analyzing tool.

Klout Plans to Implement Better Business Offerings

Right now most businesses use Klout’s insights to create and run Klout Perk’s campaigns. However, now that Klout is expanding into new territories with a mobile VIP Perks offering this could realistically place the entity in new territory. The potential for connecting consumers and companies in the physical world is very real and quite likely to happen.

Mobile VIP Perks Have the Potential to Offer Benefits to Consumers and Businesses

These Mobile VIP Perks are designed to increase the customer service experiencing by letting businesses know when a consumer with the mobile app installed that has a high Klout score steps into their location. Users can opt-in to allow merchants to see who they are, (and who wouldn’t) and enjoy various perks that the merchants are offering influencers. This has the potential to be a win-win scenario for influential consumers and merchants alike.

It’s already well-known that Klout is on the look for ways to help target influencers on Twitter and Facebook through ads. There is no option for businesses to buy ads through Klout on these networks and no one is sure what type of mechanism could facilitate this, but brands are certainly interested in this option, because many of these types of requests are made by businesses.

Of course, brands could also provide their own data to Klout to assist in creating better accuracy. It’s commonly known that overlapping data can be a valuable asset for brands. Fernandez is already planning to add such a mechanism to the company’s service repertoire. Having this ability is an exciting prospect for Fernandez and could fine-tune the Klout scoring process to reflect more accurate data. There is no doubt that the possibility of this happening could position Klout as an unparalleled provider of social influence measurement.

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