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Success in social media is as simple as engaging your followers. However, engaging a follower isn’t as easy as it appears.  Nevertheless, through using these quick and easy strategies, you can optimize your tweets and boost the engagement of your followers, resulting in reports that are more advantageous to your company.

Schedule Your Tweets

Research shows that tweets made on Saturdays and Sundays have the optimum engagement, which is a 17% increase over tweets made throughout the week. Despite this fact, merely 19% of tweets get tweeted on the weekends. There’s an enormous window of opportunity here to promote your brand, but most businesses don’t reap the benefits of it.

When actively or scheduling week day tweets, note that Wednesday and Thursday have the lowest engagement rate.

Time Your Tweets

Companies that publish their tweets between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. have a 30% higher engagement rate than posts tweeted at any other time of the day, even on Saturdays and Sundays. If you make tweets later at night, it’s likely that anybody who’s not online during that time won’t view them.

Only 64% of all brands time their tweets to occur during that time frame. Consequently, nearly half of all businesses that tweet are not benefiting from this trend. By using this insight to your advantage, it is possible to raise the engagement of your followers.

Trim Your Tweets

Tweets that are too long take too much time and effort to read. When people are on Twitter they prefer to read your information promptly with only a quick glance. Tweets that contain under 100 characters have a 17% greater engagement rate compared to longer tweets.

Hashtag Your Tweets

Including a simple hashtag to your tweets will result in your tweets experiencing two times the engagement that they would experience without hashtags. A simple little #hashtag makes all the difference in the world. Yet, only 24% of all tweets contain hashtags, which translates to many organizations not implementing this dynamic strategy.

Utilizing hashtags only takes a fraction of a second and significantly boosts your engagement. Companies experience a 21% surge in engagement when they use one or two hashtags versus when they don’t use any. However, don’t get too overzealous. Tweets using more than two hashtags have a 17% reduction in engagement.

RT Your Tweets

Although it’s evident that anybody would want their tweets retweeted, very few followers think about it. By merely requesting your followers to either RT or retweet you can experience a twelve times retweet improvement. Interestingly, only 1% of all brands actively ask their followers to retweet their tweets.

Simply putting RT at the end of tweet improves your retweet rate by ten times. By taking the time to spell out the word Retweet, your engagement percentage heightens by 23 times. So although RT works, Retweet creates far better results. Nonetheless, any retweet call to action is an effective method for broadcasting your message to many people in a short period of time.


With just a few extra steps added to your twitter activity you can see improvements with your followers engagement. Hopefully this will also be showing up on your bottom-line!

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8 thoughts on “engage and grow your twitter following…

  1. Great tips, thank you very much! They don’t say “The devil is in the details” for nothing.

    I must say, until now I didn’t think that much of asking for retweeting. Gonna definitely put this little gem of a tip into practice now.



  2. Thanks so much for this guide. I am new on Twitter and feel lost at times. Now I know the meaning of RT but I haven’t really seen a ‘retweet pls’ on any post. I miss Facebook features such a ‘like’ and ‘comment’. This has certainly enlightened my path. Cheers!

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