tablets: a perfect fit for rich media

983580_1915084-laptopipad2a_lRich media and tablets go together like Lucy and Ricky Ricardo on “I Love Lucy.” The “I Love Lucy” characters connected with and amused generations of fans with witty humor and embracing the technology of the time. By using the innovative and fun new media technology, tablet marketers and website developers can truly create an interactive ad experience, which will potentially sell more products. Tablets have three main attributes that make them capture audiences just like “I Love Lucy.”

Wave Of The Future

Tablets are the next big things, when it comes to technology. The portable piece of hardware is set to make laptops obsolete. New Media Trend Watch reports that there are 52.4 million US tablet owners as of December 2012. That’s a lot of people. Moreover, a study, conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism in collaboration with The Economist Group, 77 percent of tablet owners use their tablet every day and spend an average of about 90 minutes on them. Like computers owners, those tablets users are captive audience ripe for rich media tactics.

Tablets and marketing already have a profitable relationship. By the end of 2013, tablets will account for 20 percent of Google’s paid search ad clicks in the U.S., up from 6 percent in January 2012, according to research by Marin Software. The techniques of rich media can only enhance the profitability of tablet marketing. Tablet users will love the user-enhanced experience of rich media ads and the natural interactive nature of tablets.


Rich media fits perfectly with tablets, because of the hands-on nature of tablets. Tablet users hold the device in their hand and apply pressure with a stylus, which is essentially a short extension of their hand. The tablet and its user connect far more than, say, a laptop and its user. The closeness allows ad creators to develop more effective ads and visual marketing methods. In addition, the smaller screen allows for far more intimate viewing of the rich media enhanced ad, which again adds effectiveness to the marketing campaign.


Rich media uses streamable videos and downloadable applets to interact with the viewer. The sky is the limit with tablet users and rich media. Tablet users respond to extreme rich ads. Website creators and ad marketers can beget extraordinary ads, which turn ordinary mouse pointers into magic wands, transform an ordinary ads into an interactive games or tell a story with music. They can just let the possibilities run rampant. There’s nothing more fun then coloring outside the box with permanent magic markers. The unification of rich media and tablet technology lets ad creators play outside the known parameters for ads, which make a strong force of persuasive power for businesses to harness. Tablets are a perfect fit for rich media. Tablets are already profitable with a built-in audience, highly interactive and portable. This makes those creative rich media ads even more sharable. Tablets and rich media go hand in hand like an old married couple.

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2 thoughts on “tablets: a perfect fit for rich media

  1. I’ve been holding off on buying an iPad for as long as possible, believing that having my iPhone and my MacBook Pro is enough. But you’ve finally convinved me that I can’t hold off any longer. Thank you Randy!

    • My iPhone is my absolute friend, but the iPad is so nice for kicking back in the chair and doodling on while watching TV! Seriously there is so much you can do with the thing I have not even begun. We are what they call Apple poor around here, from the desk to the pocket, to late can not turn back, lol…

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