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Human interest is one of the biggest factors in creating a buzz for any product, service, business or person. A big part of creating that human interest is to tell stories. People may not remember a lot of the things they hear, but they do remember good stories. When you’re creating your brand, remember the importance of storytelling when you create your marketing. You can bring the memorability and human interest of a great story to everything you do.

Your Company Website

A big part of your company’s website is its description of the business, where it came from and what philosophy it holds. All of these are part of the overall story you are telling about your company. Your “About” page should paint a specific picture of the founders and the mission of the company. Even your Web design should show the readers what kinds of values are important to the company. The use of strong, vibrant colors, soft and muted ones, lots of straight lines or abstract shapes are all part of setting the tone for the story that the website tells.

Social Media

One of the most powerful marketing methods today is social media. The use of sites like Facebook and Twitter can help to build the story of your brand. One way to do this is to create a posting persona that gives all of your messages a specific personality. The tone that you use, the use of humor and the amount of topical posts all build a story about your business that is spread by others who use social media. Use the tone and personality of each message to build the story through descriptive language and interaction with readers.

Customer Interaction

Engaging with readers is a big part of the storytelling process now that company communication is expected to be a two-way dialog. The story evolves as over time as the interactions grow. A company that helps its customers with answers to questions and takes care of any problems that come up is a story that gets shared online over and over again. As customers spread the word about the businesses they like, their opinions become a part of the story. A business that has created an engaging story that encourages others to spread the word can expect its brand to be talked about and remembered by current and future customers. All of this now unfolds in real time for businesses that are engaged in the storytelling process.

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2 thoughts on “tell the story

  1. Randy,

    3 simple words. Tell the story.

    For quite some time, that meant broadcasting. We are now at a time when this can be a conversation – Real person-to-person dialogue. And can be so much fun!

    Colors, angles, captured drama, response. They all bring an impression to mind and contribute.

    Social Media is such an incredible opportunity. Actually interacting with your customers there is the real value.

    Put that all together, and…..BOOM!

    Thanks for the reminders and affirmations!


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