explode your marketing (3of3)

earned-media-200x200 Content marketers design campaigns with the hope that someone online will pick it up, that the content will go viral and explode across the Internet. That focus on high quality, relevant content produces dynamite marketing material. Effective content goes a step further, converting consumers into participants actively seeking out information about the company’s brand, putting the dynamite in the consumer’s hands. Content marketers use paid ads as an initial point of contact meant to drive consumers to the company’s owned media channels, lighting the fuse on that marketing dynamite. The marketing rep earns their reward in the form of media exposure when that dynamite content explodes.

Any content can go viral if it’s structured correctly. Regular dynamite relies on a combination of precisely balanced chemicals and strategic placement to achieve maximum effect. Marketing dynamite requires the same mixture, putting together meaningful content and getting it into the right hands. In an online environment filled with opinion leaders and passive consumers, getting that dynamite mix into the right hands presents a formidable challenge. When the right hands do get a hold of that dynamite, the media content earns invaluable exposure.

All content marketers target the opinion leaders with their best material, drowning them in a sea of information. Effective content marketers realize that in the modern online environment every consumer is an opinion leader. Every consumer has a network of friends and contacts. Every network intersects other networks at key points of communication. If the goal of advertising is to convert consumers into customers, the real goal of dynamite marketing is to convert customers into opinion leaders. A marketing campaign really explodes by earning media exposure in the form of personal endorsements from its customers.

Everything boils down to the content itself. When the content is good, people respond positively. When the content is bad, people respond negatively. When the content is effective, people respond proactively. Beyond the classic definitions of relevance and usefulness, dynamite marketing content lets the consumer benefit from sharing the information; it creates a need and desire to share so that others can be enriched as well. The quality of the end product informs much of this need, but content marketers realize that the marketing campaign itself is a product and represents not only the company but also the consumer who decides to share it.

Getting the consumer to take ownership of the marketing content and drive conversions to the company’s product has long been considered the Holy Grail of marketing; it’s called going viral, when a dynamite marketing mix explodes in a big way. The best-kept secret of content marketing is that a campaign doesn’t need to go viral in order to explode. When every online consumer is a potential opinion leader and effective content generates a desire to share, an advertising campaign earns media exposure. The basics never change. Create quality content, get it into the right hands, and the marketing mix will explode. Every time.



2 thoughts on “explode your marketing (3of3)

  1. I’m a big fan of this in terms of social advertising — and specifically by promoting content. It’s an invitation to join a community, and good content is the means to keep them engaged, builds trust, keeps them coming back…and that’s the path to sales.

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