light the fuse to your marketing (2of3)

owned-media-200x200Good content marketing never trades relevance for flash, but consumers experiencing a dynamite marketing mix expect an immediate payoff for the time they’ve invested in learning about the company’s product. Consumers who’ve had their interest sparked by following a paid advertisement to the company website wish to have their action rewarded with an attractive and clever information presentation. This presents the content marketer with an invaluable opportunity to lay out their best sales pitch and attempt a customer conversion on the spot. The consumer is about to touch the spark of their interest to the fuse of the company’s marketing dynamite.

The owned media channel presents the first, best opportunity to present the consumer with complete, attractive information about the company’s service or product without the distraction of competing ads and content, and within the complete context of the offering. Relatively few consumers initially visit owned media channels such as websites or social pages through direct reference; most first-time visits are the result of click-throughs. Savvy content marketers ensure that their owned channels contain immediately relevant information, attractively presented in a manner that is easy to navigate. For this dynamite mix to explode, the fuse needs to catch fire quickly.

Perhaps the most important opportunity that owned media channels present is the ability to instantly convert consumers into customers though direct interaction. Depending on the nature of the business, this may be as simple as an online shopping cart or as involved as scheduling a consultation with a company representative. Either scenario is a success for the content marketer, who has given the consumer all the information needed to make a correct decision. From the consumer’s standpoint, the owned media channel represents the company itself; the consumer might as well be walking into a brick and mortar office.

Consumers seeking maximum flash from the content of the owned media channel appreciate having their time rewarded with visually and intellectually interesting spectacles. The owned media channel represents the company’s online office; when that channel is uninteresting, the office space is boring. An online office that shows clear signs of thoughtful organization, complete attention to detail, and a dynamic visual presentation suitable to the target market demonstrates the competency and value of the company as a whole. This experience will inform every future aspect of the consumer’s interaction with the company.

The primary purpose of the owned media channel is to reward the consumer for sacrificing their time to learn more about the company. This is an immediate payoff for the consumer that makes them feel valued and increases the attractiveness of the company. Content relevance should never take a back seat to the visual spectacle sought by consumers visiting a company’s owned media channel. For many consumers, the presentation of the owned media channel represents their most important point of contact and longest lasting impression of the company. Whether it’s a slow fuse or fast burning, it still leads to marketing dynamite!



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