add media dynamite to your marketing (1of3)


Creating a volatile and rewarding mix for content marketing results in dynamite advertising potential. This marketing mix creates a well-rounded campaign, where each stage of advertising progressively converts consumers. Paid advertising is the most approachable form of content marketing; it’s like handing the consumer a match and a stick of dynamite, the initial point of contact where everything starts. Paid advertising targets the audience with a clever presentation and savvy selection of online venue. Paid spots provide credibility during the initial stages of a campaign.

The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is to convert consumers into customers. Paid advertising spots serve a smaller goal, that of making initial consumer contact and generating the call to action that eventually leads to consumer conversion. Modern consumers expect traditional advertising spots to entertain and intrigue them; information acquisition is seen as a commitment on the part of the consumer. The paid advertising spot engages the audience and causes them to follow a link. Where action is convenient, this alone may generate a conversion. More often, this initial point of content causes consumers to seek further information, usually through owned channels such as websites.

Paid advertising targets market segments not only in the design of the ad but in the selection of venue and timing of the presentation. Marketing reps study the online habits of their target audience, crafting ad spots with specific elements of interest, selecting venues closely aligned with the desired call to action, and purchasing sufficient advertising space to intrigue the audience without acclimating them to the advertising. Online advertising tends toward specialization, and every venue should have material customized for local presentation. Every marketing spot accurately targeted and purchased puts another stick of marketing dynamite in the consumer’s hands.

During the initial stages of a marketing campaign, the consumer understands that the company is simply attempting to spread the news about its product or service. Using paid spots whose venues have been carefully chosen and ad space attractively designed lends instant credibility to the marketing campaign. The company has been seen to not only invest capital in purchasing the ad spots, but also research their target market and take the time to personalize the advertising. The time investment outweighs the cost, as it creates an instant point of contact with the consumer. The consumer feels valued, and this value quickly converts to desired customer behavior. By seeing the flash and bang of smaller explosions, the consumer looks at their own dynamite stick with new respect.

Consumers secretly want to see that marketing dynamite explode. They need only follow the direction of a carefully planned marketing campaign. Paid advertising spots create a call to action that converts consumers into participants who seek out more information on the company. When the product or service is convenient, this can equate to customer conversion. Consumers attempt to utilize owned media channels in order to educate themselves. Either situation creates consumer engagement, handing them the first stick of a dynamite marketing mix.



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