utilize the benefits of google+ in 2013


While there are many businesses that understand the power of Google+, there are many others that prefer using Facebook and Twitter due to their familiarity and customer base. While Google+ hasn’t been around as long as these social networks, you will find that Google+ provides analytical and communication tools that will help improve your business’s online traffic in 2013. Google+ is easily the best social network if you want to gain more customers while maintaining your social presence.

Social Spine

This is a term that was recently created by Google. If you use Google+, then you will have a comprehensive social spine that can help carry your business through 2013 and beyond. Unlike Facebook and Twitter that only give you a few tools, Google+ combines all of the Google products. This means that you can communicate with customers, use the search engine, manage your ads and analyze your website.

If you use Google+, then your social spine will be complete because you can do everything from one place. You don’t need to jump from one website to the next.

Improves Other Google Products

This is another major benefit that is guaranteed to bring in more customers. About 58 percent of people who are exposed to a business or brand through a social network actively search for that business with a search engine. You can easily capitalize on this behavior by using Google+.

Google+ ads your posts and updates near your search listing when someone intentionally looks for your business. This makes it much easier for customers to stay in contact with you, and it ensures that you will have more customers coming to your website.

Mobile Capabilities

While few businesses seem eager to capitalize on this, mobile devices are becoming incredibly popular. They are frequently used to find businesses online. About 44 percent of Americans have a tablet or smartphone, and about 60 percent of Google’s overall traffic comes from mobile devices.

At the same time, few businesses have a good mobile website. It has been proven that most people are unwilling to recommend a website to a friend or family member if it doesn’t have a good mobile design. While Google+ can’t force you to have an attractive mobile website, this social network can help people see your content.

As stated above, Google+ members can read your posts and updates if they search for you. This allows them to easily read your content from any device. This alone has been proven to help improve the flow of traffic into your website.


The last major benefit of Google+ is that you can easily segment your users into different circles. This is a tool that you won’t find with Facebook and Twitter, and it is a major boon to businesses. You can have customers in one circle, suppliers in another and a third circle for staff members. This enables you to send appropriate messages to that circle without the other people seeing them.


While Google+ doesn’t have the same number of users as Facebook and Twitter, they make up for this by giving you many business tools so that you can segment your followers, analyze your website’s performance and have a mobile presence even if you don’t have a mobile website. If you want to improve your social marketing, then be sure to add Google+ to your social network roster.



4 thoughts on “utilize the benefits of google+ in 2013

  1. Excellent, Randy.
    I’m emphasizing the “social “spine” aspect of Google+ more this year to my readers and audiences.
    It’s the huge competitive advantage over single platform social networks.

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