2013 signals of digital changes to come


2012 saw quite a bit of flurry when it came to mobile devices, mobile flexibility and lower cost access to technology compared to previous years. With digital tools use becoming so commonplace now, the digital trends of 2013 are now focusing on the maturing use of these tools and how they affect everyday life.

Individual privacy and protecting it online will become as much a home kitchen table topic as paying the monthly bills. Everyone using the Internet or a mobile device will become at least familiar with the topic if not adept at making sure he or she protects their own privacy. With employers continuing to peek into social media activity of workers and Internet database compiling everything people do, privacy protection will become a common discussion topic at home as well as at work.

Social photography will come into vogue in 2013. Major social media players such as Instagram and Snapshot are already shaping the playing field for viral sharing of photographs via mobile devices and computers. With the world firmly completely with putting everything written on the Internet, now the social sharing of photographs will become commonplace. The newest mobile phones make this trend fairly easy to participate in given the quality photographs such devices can now take, even at a distance.

If they haven’t done so already, dynamic website design will also become commonplace as companies learn to migrate their Internet information to mobile devices to attract consumers. The approach allows a website to determine what kind of Internet device a user is using and then sends the appropriate website format to the device for fast, easy consumption.

Like many trends, where new gadgets were introduced the years before, refined and better quality products will be expected in 2013. In the tablet wars, for example, Apple set the standard with its iPad design, being both durable and advanced. Many companies will be pressured to meet this level of quality with their products if they want to stay in the game, particularly at the higher price points. That likely means a lot of new product introductions in 2013.

Big government will continue to realize the benefits of going digital. The public agency, aside from the military, has never been quick to adopt technology, but once it does, beware. The amount of process, file-keeping and information sharing that goes on in government is likely to grow exponentially in 2013, opening up shared access across agencies even further. Smart-minded government managers who realize this value will be quick to leverage it into information assets. Intelligence and law-enforcement agencies have already been going down this path for years.

Finally, television streaming will become more commonplace. As people often work more and more unconventional schedules as well as realize far more offerings via cable, the ability to download TV programs and movies on command will increase. Many of the cable companies with the resources saw wild success with DVR systems and direct rental streaming in 2012. With advanced TV technology this consumer trend will increase. In fact, 2013 just might be the year the traditional movie rental stores fold up their sidewalk addresses and go completely digital themselves.



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