the digital wallet is getting fat!


Mobile technology brings consumers and small businesses amazing benefits and features. With apps like Square, Passbook and Google Wallet, your phone may soon be the only thing you have to carry. Consider the many benefits of embracing the digital wallet and mobile payment technology.

Capture Every Sale with Mobile Technology

Small businesses understand the benefit of accepting payments remotely. With the Square Register app, they can collect payment for work done before they leave the client’s property. They can take payments at trade shows and other remote locations to ensure that they never lose a sale or payment again.

Pay with Your Phone

Carrying cash, credit cards and the phone can be cumbersome. It’s easy to drop items, and you might accidentally leave something behind. These concerns are eliminated when you choose a digital wallet. Offered through apps like Square Wallet, American Express Serve and Google Wallet, you can use your phone to transfer payments automatically. Fund accounts using debit or credit cards or even your checking account. Apps like Serve even allow you to set up sub-accounts for other family members to make payments easier.

Find the Best Deals

Apps like Google Wallet take savings to a new level by using location services to help you find the best prices for merchandise. It will even provide you with a coupon to save more at your favorite retailer. You will have the opportunity to analyze costs and budgets when you need the information most.

Surprise Friends with Electronic Gifts

Gift cards are popular for all occasions, and the mobile apps make them even more appealing. You can send electronic gift cards to friends using the Square app. You choose the amount, include a special message, pick the theme and then send it to your friends. They won’t have to worry about losing the cards or misplacing them, and they will be available when your friends are ready to make their purchase.

Push Notifications with Passbook

The iPhone app, Passbook, will come with push notifications. Retailers can send coupons and special deals to their customers electronically. There will be up to ten locations programmed with the retailer, and when customers are near those locations a push notification will remind them of their special deal.

Mobile payments and digital wallets aren’t just beneficial for retailers. Consumers love the benefit of paying for products by just tapping their phone against a reader at the terminal. They love being able to send electronic gift cards that are never lost or forgotten, and they really love the potential to save money through special offers and push notifications. Mobile payments aren’t currently accepted at all retailers, but that is changing as the technology grows in popularity.



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