whats ahead for online advertising

Happy New Year!


Online advertising is on the move. That is to say that the future of online advertising is decidedly mobile. The number of desktop web surfers is dropping. Today’s typical Internet user is connected via tablet or smart phone. Advertisers and marketing campaigns need to flex with the times in order to maintain their target audiences.

The focus in 2013 will be on ad design that’s friendly to a smaller screen and also multi-screen adaptable. Many Wi-Fi hotspots still attract laptop users with screens that reflect an Internet experience that’s closer to that of a desktop computer. But the flood of tablet PCs and Android devices with touch screens has made the experience of web surfing more abbreviated. Ads must now be integrated to populate in an eye-catching fashion for small screen users, but still be large-screen friendly and visible to the desktop and laptop crowd.

The mobile device craze has greatly affected couponing, and 2013 will see even more capabilities for scanning coupons at the register using a hand-held mobile device. Advertisers who use coupon lures will undoubtedly be slimming down the print ad budget to make way for online apps for mobile users. The challenge may be fraud prevention among users who like to use multiple coupons when buying in bulk.

Social networking has also driven the advertising industry in a new direction. So much web content is shared among Facebook friends and Twitter members, ads will now be designed to play on the referral side of marketing. The style is closer to word-of-mouth advertising than ever before, causing an eclectic mix of old-style advertising meeting the modern scene. Facebook and Twitter will be hot targets, but email campaigns and instant message applications will also be on the table. The name of the game is viral feedback. A shared link will drive traffic to an advertiser’s web site and hopefully result in a purchase. Marketing campaigns will be tracking these link-sharing sites to see how effective they are at creating that loop effect.

Content will also play a major role in the new year for advertising development. Web users cry out for more content every year, and the keen marketer will seek to give them what they ask for. Good Internet content is the perfect vehicle for embedded links that drive traffic right into the virtual storefront. Ad executives will be taking a closer look at the profile of the average reader. What do they read? Where do they go to read it? E-Readers and tablets are ripe for well-placed ads carefully integrated into web-based media content.

The marketing industry has always made it their business to know the consumer inside and out. Today’s consumer is harder to catch, in that they are always on the move in their online experiences. But advertisers have found ways to stay lock-step with their audience. As the web and its users get faster and more streamlined, look for the ads to follow suit.


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