do we really like social media?

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Social media is very powerful when you use it correctly. You can easily gain followers, customers and a lot of coverage. At the same time, many people are getting tired of certain marketing practices. Some of these practices are very common, and users are fighting back by refusing to participate. If you want to make the biggest impact with social media, then you need to understand what users like and don’t like.

Forced Likes and Posts

Many online businesses promise to give people free information, but only if they like the business on Facebook or Twitter. A variation of this is that the user has to make a post about the company on their own page. According to many surveys, close to 70 percent of users hate these practices. These are the two most disliked marketing ploys, and they are also some of the most common social marketing practices.

While there’s nothing wrong with encouraging users to like and follow you, you shouldn’t force users to do this.

Too Many Posts

Posting regularly is a big part of social marketing. At the same time, people don’t like it when their inbox is full of repetitive posts. There are some businesses that post 10 to 20 times a day. While this is fine if something really important is happening, you should limit your posts to about one to five a day.

Sales Pitch

Many online businesses like to make posts that sound like a sales pitch. They think that it improves their conversion, but the truth is that it just annoys users. Your followers know that you sell products, and they are following you because they enjoy what you sell. If you push your products too much, then you are going to lose a lot of followers.

Irrelevant Content

People are interested in your business and niche. If you sell shoes, then they want to see posts about shoes. For example, talking about new designs or innovative footwear would be appropriate. Making a post about cats wouldn’t be.

There are some businesses that frequently make irrelevant posts that followers aren’t interested in. This seems to happen most frequently with new businesses. All of your posts should be relevant to your market.

Preferred Social Marketing

There are many social marketing tactics that people love. One of the best forms of social marketing is offering a special discount only to your social media followers. Not only does it make them feel good about getting a discount, but they are more likely to take advantage of your offer.

Photos are also very important. A business that shows photos of the office, products, places and anything else that’s relevant often gets a lot of buzz. Text is fine, but photos are better. This is because people like multimedia content, and they like seeing things rather than reading about them. You should try to add one or two pictures to all of your posts. If you are just linked to articles, like with Twitter, then try to link to articles that have pictures.

People also like competitions where they can get money or vouchers for doing something. For example, you can ask people to submit photos of them wearing or using your products. This can give you a lot of likes and new followers.


Social marketing is very important for businesses to build its brand, but you need to go about it in the right way. If you annoy your audience, then you can doom your company. You should concentrate on helping your audience and connecting with people. If you do this, then your social media should create brand awareness with many new connections as well as current and hopefully build recall that will result in sales.


Joy and Peace


3 thoughts on “do we really like social media?

  1. Happy Holidays and Many Blessings to You and yours…
    While I Agree with Your post I have to say that I slightly disagree with
    a Page being STRICTLY posts that are about Your Niche and or Business…. Studies have shown that people also want to get to know YOU the person behind the product so also showing other posts about Your Interests etc… Displays your Personality and It is YOU and your Personality etc… that also Attracts and or sells.

    I personally hate to go to a page and all it is business, and then pitches, business and then pitches… it is boring and fun to visit and leave with NO Interest to go back…

    I have now some extremely Successful sales people that LOVED Cats and all of their clients knew that… hence on their pages they are always posting humorous pics of their cats….

    Anyhooo I Love you Post and Content… Regardless.. that is the beauty of LIFE… People can agree to disagree on some points and still Love the people anyways…
    Happy Holidays

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Carly. I think seeing irrelevant cat photos from a manufacture or mid size business could be of interest to a few! However, I tend to stick with the philosophy of a business is just that. While I do agree social should reflect personality, unless you are Independant or a small mom & pop, the personality reflected should be of the business, it’s mission and it’s cause interest.
      Merry Christmas and always value your discussions…rcb

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