don’t get trapped by marketing dogma.


While the battle wages on between traditional marketing and “new media” such as Facebook, Twitter, and everything social, authentic marketing is being thrown by the wayside. Think of authentic marketing as true traditional marketing, but it’s hardly old-fashioned. In fact, an argument can be made that some tried and true marketing approaches have a place right alongside worrying about how you’re ranking on search engines and whether or not you’re trending on Twitter.

Getting to the Heart of Your Business

True traditional marketing doesn’t refer to radio, television, and print media. It’s more of an authentic approach to marketing that doesn’t just have the goal of driving more traffic to your website or getting more customers to come into your store. If you just want to rake in the dollars, go to town with SEO and dive into social media and call it a day. If you want customers to remember you, however, it’s time to take a different approach to marketing. Still not sure what true traditional marketing is? Ask yourself these questions:

• What’s at the heart of your business?

• What drives your business?

• What are the values that guide your business?

• What do you offer your customers other than the commodity you’re trying to sell them?

Defining Your Business

It is important to understand that marketing isn’t just about trying to get people to buy stuff from you or getting them to use your service or whatever it is that you’re offering. Marketing for the sake of informing and promoting can be effective, but will customers remember you the next time they’re thinking about making a purchase? An important part of marketing is defining your business by making it clear what you offer customers besides the obvious tangible products and services.

What is your business philosophy? This should be something that you and everybody who works for you knows. For example, a plumber may choose to stress the fact that they are reliable and dependable. Anybody can offer to unclog your toilet, but customers are likely to remember a company that makes a point of arriving quickly and taking the time to get the job done right the first time.

Be Genuine and Unique

True traditional marketing isn’t really a strategy. You’re not looking for an immediate payoff for your efforts. It’s what is genuine about your business or organization. In other words, what are your core values as a business? These values are what really defines your business and sets you apart from your competitors. These values should never be compromised. If you are flexible with your values, customers aren’t likely to have much confidence in your business.

Get Everyone on the Same Page

If someone working for your company is asked “what are your company’s core values?” and they have a blank stare on their face, you got some work to do. You want to make sure everyone is on the same page. Sit down with the key people at your business – investors, key executives, and business partners – and clearly define your business and spell out your core values. Finally, make sure everyone is on the same page.

Once you define your business in terms of what your philosophy is, the final step is to incorporate your values into your other marketing efforts. This is what will set you apart from everybody else selling exactly what you’re selling. If you start off with a solid core, your other marketing efforts are likely to fall into place – as long as you don’t compromise on your basic values just to get a few extra hits on your site.



2 thoughts on “don’t get trapped by marketing dogma.

  1. Hey Randy, told ya I’d be by to check it out. Nice job. I think you have touched some aspects that many skip over when putting a marketing plan together. The only thing I could add is the role that Customer Services play in all this. As you mention, what will make the customer/client return to your business. If you supply a quality product and you made them feel good about purchasing from you …like MacArthur, they will return

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