why that call to action is important for your business marketing

The call to action in marketing and website advertisement is more than just a punch sound bite or phrase. It’s the critical connection that transforms a visitor and reader to a customer and new revenue. For businesses, the call to action represents the conversion point that turns awareness into sales. So it matters quite a bit to the bottom line.

Lots of websites have some kind of call to action, especially if they want to sell a product or service, desire more readership, hope to have visitors and readers behave in a certain way and more. It is essential because the intentional message takes the guesswork out of what the reader is supposed to do next. With a clear, straightforward message the reader understands, “Oh, the ad wants me to buy, or read, or engage, or do a defined task…” etc. Whether the reader agrees or not, on the other hand, depends on the quality of the ad or web page as a whole.

The above said, a call to action is more than just putting in the words, “BUY NOW!” In fact, a good call to action services a number of functions when it comes to messaging. These include:

• Getting People’s Attention – cold leads happen in sales becomes a message click in the person’s brain long enough to get his or her attention long enough to convince further reaction. So a call to action is like a hook lure in the water for fish. It’s an attractant that brings them in.

• Instructing Readers – Once the reader’s attention is hooked, the message needs to instruct them to do something. Attracted readers on the Internet or in life quickly flitter away without further instruction. So the call to action tells them what’s the next step if they are interested.

• Doing the Thinking for Consumers – People naturally are lazy. They opt for the easy path which a call to action provides. Ads that put up an interesting message but make a person guess what do cause frustration. Instead, marketing that has a clear path defined makes it easy for consumers to convert to customers.

• Building Relationships – A call to action can also convince a reader to engage in a community. Not every marketing message has to be about selling. It can instead be about projecting an image of inclusion that convinces people to buy to be part of the community and its benefits.

• Bringing in the Dollars – Obviously, for a business, a call to action translates into sales which becomes revenue which eventually after costs becomes profit. If nothing else, a good call to action is worth its weight in bank deposits at the end of the day.

As a result, given the above benefits, why wouldn’t you want to use a call to action in your business’ marketing and online messaging? It simply makes good business sense. Otherwise, why have an Internet presence at all as a business? What’s your return on advertising if there’s no conversion to sales? Probably zero. Help consumers by taking the guesswork out of what you want them to do when they see your company’s message; direct them and pull them into a desired role with a quality call to action.

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2 thoughts on “why that call to action is important for your business marketing

  1. Call to actions is one area that I missed initially when beginning to better understand marketing. Now it is in most of my marketing especially when I am speaking to groups.

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