if you are not using content, you are not marketing!

There is no doubt that the world of marketing is constantly evolving. The use of a DVR to fast forward right through commercials and the ability to simply turn the page and ignore a magazine ad are just two examples of how consumers are avoiding traditional marketing strategies. In the land of online surfing, consumers have become so adept at simply closing out a banner or ad box that most online ads are becoming a waste of your advertising dollars. The new way to go to attract consumers today seems to be by optimizing your content marketing plan. Instead of simply trying to sell a product to a consumer that knows nothing about who your company is, content marketing shows consumers that you know your industry and you are also sharing information about how your product relates to it.

Econsultancy recently conducted a survey of over 1,300 digital marketing professionals employed by numerous top brands, publishing companies and agencies. The results concluded that 90% of those surveyed believed that content marketing will take precedence over traditional marketing strategies in the next year. With that said, only 38% of those polled have a content marketing strategy in place. The time to establish a content marketing strategy is now and one of the best methods is through the use of blogging, social media and optimizing your SEO.

Optimizing SEO is a key feature in every marketing strategy. Blogging is one of the key methods to increase SEO. It is also a quick and easy way to direct consumers to your site without the idea of having to purchase a product or be interrupted by advertisements. Starting a daily blog post, newsletter or tip list that is rich in keywords commonly searched in your field is an effective way to attract customers. What is the main reason most consumers search the internet? They are looking for valuable information that can assist them in day-to-day living through key word searches. This may include finding a recipe, tips on how to build furniture, advice on putting baby to sleep and the list goes on and on. By providing quick, effective blog posts that include sporadic key word implementation, you are showing potential customers that you are not only trying to sell them something, you are educating them on your product’s purpose in the marketplace and how it can benefit them. A simple banner ad or pop up cannot do this and it will, more often than not, annoy the web surfer that is searching for information instead.

Now, in order to maximize your blogging potential, your advertisement has to reach into the social media world. Social media is free and it seems everyone, young and old, has a Facebook page and Twitter account. More often than not, these consumers rely on reviews, suggestions or tips from their social media fans and followers when purchasing a new product or service. By combining your Facebook page and Twitter accounts with content marketing, you can quickly attract consumers looking for information on the field your product is in. Ensure that your blogging is regularly shared on Facebook, not through annoying sidebar pop up ads but instead through a content rich Facebook page that is more about the industry and information it shares than the product itself. Increase your content and blog visibility by creating engaging, valuable information that social media fans can share with their friends and followers. This will continue the stride of your marketing campaign and ensure added visibility to your product or service.

The value of content marketing is the idea of delivering information to your consumers that not only pitches your product but also increases their knowledge on the topic. Contrary to popular belief, in order to have a varied, successful advertising campaign, your main business goal should not be to simply sell the most products. First, you must show your consumers that you can consistently deliver valuable information to buyers. They will then reward you with their business, loyalty and continued referrals.

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9 thoughts on “if you are not using content, you are not marketing!

  1. Content is king. Period. It can be used multiple ways to get our message across. And of course, our message is the one that makes us the go-to person in our niche, which helps us sell products!

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