email vs mobile marketing: which should your company use?

Not long ago, email marketing seemed like the way to grab customers’ attention. Everyone had email accounts, therefore, this seemed like the sensible to reach large numbers of consumers at once. Text messaging soon came along and suddenly mobile marketing seemed like the preferred method to tell consumers what companies had to offer. So, which method should you use to promote your business? Is mobile marketing really more effective than email marketing or is it just the current trend?

The best way to answer this question is to ask consumers directly. What are the pros to email marketing? Email marketing is easy to access. If the consumer is checking his email online, he has access to the internet with full browsing capabilities. By clicking on an email link, the consumer can easily open other windows, reach a company’s social media page, make a purchase with an online coupon or simply visit a company’s website and find out more about the product being promoted.

When the same message is sent out via text messaging, the consumer can see the link and click on it to be directed to the website but that is usually where the campaign ends. The ability to browse numerous pages at once, make purchases and access online coupons is limited when it is received via SMS.

While there are definite positives to email marketing, there are also perks to marketing via text messaging. Text messaging is easier and much faster. Most people check their email once every few days, if that. Some don’t log onto their email from an actual computer for up to a week. Everyone seems to have a cell phone and text messages are checked virtually all day long. Using text messaging for marketing means your message will be read quickly, reaching consumers faster than through the use of email. Text messaging is ideal for short, concise messages that do not require the consumer to access numerous additional pages in order to get the point across.

So, which method is best for your company? Consumers vary in preferences and, while some prefer email, others will prefer mobile messaging. Current research points to the fact that most consumers prefer not to receive offers via text message and would rather receive email promotions. According to the “Consumer Perceptions of Mobile Marketing for StrongMail”, a survey of 322 consumers by StrongMail and Forrester Consulting, 65% of those polled are willing to receive email promotions at least once a week. In comparison, only 40% of consumers stated that they would be willing to receive the same promotions via text messaging (SMS). During the study, the biggest barriers to mobile marketing success seemed to be bad links, non-mobile optimized emails and network connectivity.

Having said that, the ability to combine email and mobile marketing should assist you in reaching mass consumers effectively. Determine who your target audience is and which method they would prefer for the type of campaign you are running at the time. Sometimes this will mean you will be sending emails and others it will mean you are reaching customers via text. The bottom line is, email marketing is not dead and still seems to be the most effective way to reach a broad spectrum of consumers.

Information regarding the Consumers Perceptions of Mobile Marketing Survey was obtained from

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